teased: http://www.forzamotorsport.net/en-us/news/wir_3_6_15

MARCH 25, 2015


info: http://www.forzamotorsport.net/en-us/news/rvm_3_9_15
“The Forza Motorsport Invitational is a new racing broadcast that we have put together that will match drivers of the same skill levels in a racing series on the official Forza Motorsport Twitch channel.”
March 13: forum thread requesting tunes from the community, more info during #ForzaFriday livestream
March 13-20: Rivals qualifying event
March 25: qualifying winners compete against invited race league members and Christian Guirguis (T10)

more info:

Forza Invitational Qualifier Rivals in Monthly Rivals
2005 Honda NSX-R (A-class, tune to your preference) on Sebring
The Rivals event will close at noon on March 20 (per Phred in the stream)
Phred will be making a paint with the tuner’s name to go on the car for the March 25 stream

I’m curious.

Me too.

Me Three

Hmmm… wonder what it could be… guess we will have to wait till next week

maybe Rival Mode with a real pilot time ?

That would be interesting. It’s also 2 days before the Fast & Furious Expansion for Horizon.

What would be even more interesting: a free track with a specific challenge leading up to the release of Forza Motorsport 6. Of course, this is purely wishful thinking.

Some friends think the banner looks like maple valley short.I never raced there since I didn’t have the game but all I hear is great things about that track so i can only hope

There IS a resemblance…

Particularly with the short circuit.

Really? I see a mirrored Iberian.

For reference, Maple Valley Short:

That said, I can see some similarity with that one too, but to me, Iberian is a closer match.

In the more likely case (probably), its just a random image generated to look like a track, that just so happens to be similar to previous tracks T10 created in the past. That said, I’d still love Maple Valley to return.

Idk I think I see the Sedona drag strip… Maybe Infineon… Maybe Bristol Raceway…

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Here’s the only issue I see with expecting DLC associated with this event: there is a distinct date (March 25, 2015) given and it falls on a Wednesday–an atypical day of the week for DLC to drop.

RVM is coming out shortly and will clarify what the invitational is.

Oh, and the Hellcat is not part of it.




Dang, no Haircat? I’m angry, lol.

No, I think you’re wrong. That banner clearly resembles the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. That means, it’s coming as free DLC and I’ll be angry to fin out otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue: #sarcasm

Can’t Wait. Someone mentioned Iberian, and personally I’d love to see that come back. It, along with Camino Viejo and the other track up there made the Camino Viejo Extreme Circuit and that was, still is, one of my favorite tracks to go race on.

I agree. My favorite fantasy track of Forza, all-time.

Thanks for the update, John!

Hmm … could there be some sort of Top Gear tie-in that is holding up the announcement? The show is about to start here on BBCA.