Was thinking of FM3/FM4. One thing that sprung to mind was ForzaHunters… Anyone else remember? I know I do!

Have a look at the link for a small throwback!

These were the days…

Yeah it was nice. A7Xdriftking which is now Tabeast takes photos with most of the OMG crew. For something like this to done again on this game. The person has to be dedicated to it and want to cover every event.

Thanks for volunteering! :wink: I looked through so much, remembering things, the memories I have of playing these games is amazing!

Worked with those boys quite a bit.t, back In the days.

This would be cool to start up again

Might have a talk with a few heads, maybe see we if we can get this up and going again. For more info are to cont. This an convo find me on forzalfg.boards next