Forza7 strange blocky colorful artifacts after latest update?!

Getting some weird artifacts since I installed AMD Vega 56 anyone else?

Yeah me too, actually no one is commenting on this issue neither here nor on the AMD forums.

If you like to play the game without any problems you have to use driver version 17.9.3 or earlier, any driver later than this will break this game and also make Forza Horizon 3 initial load time take about 5 minutes.

You can only hope at this point that either Turn 10 or AMD will acknowledge the issue and it will get resolved possibly at a later date.

Apparently the fix is, enable HBCC memory option in the AMD control panel.

Forza support emailed me back and said:
Can you try enabling the HBCC Memory Segment by opening the AMD Radeon Settings app and going to the Gaming tab → Global settings and clicking the “HBCC Memory Segment” option. Make sure the slider next to the setting is set all the way to the left. You may also see the screen go black or see flickering for 1 minute after turning on the setting. Keep us posted on if this continues after changing that setting.
Thanks. "

in the mean time, i’ll play some Saul Williams~I want my money back…since i can’t play whenever I want to. Is that what we pay for nowadays everywhere ???

Thank god, I thought it was my GPU lol… So what did it, latest AMD drivers or F7 update?