Forza World Cup sounds good but is the terrible

I like the idea but not how it works, It’s very limited, in theory the car just needs to be a C600 from one of the participating countries but only a few cars are allowed, I tuned a silvia but the game didn’t let me use it, I tried a Mustang the game let you use it in The Trial but not in the others events, what is the logic here and which cars are allowed?


I can sort of see the logic, I’m not 100% certain but the selected countries have at least 1 meta car between them in each class + race type, anyone who knows the cars would just use them in every event if it was just class + country as the restrictions.

Some of the results of this idea are just daft though, I feel for anyone intent on supporting Italy this week and I regretted opting to go for Japan myself in the CC championship.


Any time they have a custom car restriction – that is, a car restriction that you can’t simply use as a filter in “My Cars” – it can be extremely confusing. There is only one car from each country available in each race. I don’t have the link handy at the moment, but I believe ManteoMax, knower of all things, has posted the lists.

It’s even confusing with a normal “Retro Super Cars” class or something like that, because when you select “eligible cars” it doesn’t really show you all of the cars that are eligible, just the cars eligible which are in that class with a stock build. I am not quite sure why they can’t find a better way to communicate the eligible cars for these events, which is a shame because sometimes the most fun events are events with unusual restrictions.


I’ve not tried it but I think this is the list ;

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yeah it’s a mess this champ

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I understand that they were not able to include all cars due to the limitation of up to 50 cars in the custom blueprints.
But even then, they should have included 8 cars from each country (6 country x 8 cars = 48), plus models below the class for which they were eligible.

As has already been mentioned in this thread, and I posted it myself in another thread, the CC Championship car list is terrible.
To get a real feel for it, I used Civic. Yes, we can win with this car.
However, this championship is a rainy off-road. There was not enough extra PI in Civic to make a suitable upgrade for this.
In the end, I opted for the AWD conversion and drag tires, but the grip was not as good as the other cars, and the deceleration effect in water spots did not compare to the 4x4.
I could only wish if I could use Titan or Landcruiser for this championship.

I liked the idea. I liked the idea, but I also felt that the event was poorly coordinated.
If they do hold these events again in the future, hopefully the next one will be even better.

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I honestly don’t think it will make any difference to what car they will give us what car we choose to use in the races, I suspect they have already decided anyway they will just quote some made up figures about which country got the most points to justify their choice.


If the reward is simply a special livery, the possibilities are:

  1. They’ve already made a decision, the world cup is fake. We can’t see the numbers anyway, we can’t prove them wrong. The reward is already made.
  2. There will be a real winner, we won’t see the reward for a while because it’ll take time to make it.
  3. There will be a real winner, they’ve already made the potential rewards and will throw away the losers.

1 and 2 are possible, 3 is a waste of time and effort for them and is very unlikely.

So between 1 and 2, 1 will give an instant reward, 2 will be delayed.

The timing of the reward will tell us the truth.

The other possibility is that it’s a new car. If true, we know it takes about a year to get a car into the game. This means that the winner is already determined or we will see the other rewards later anyway. There is no chance they will choose to just throw out their work on getting a car into the game, along with the cost.

There isn’t much of a chance that our country choice here actually matters.

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This guy understands


Forza Horizon 5 | Series 4 - YouTube at 0:09
In the Series 4 trailer there is a Porsche Boxster, if Germany wins and we win a Boxster it means the winner was already decided long before this started

“It’s a global MIRACLE, all countries tied in first place. Everyone is a winner!”


I used the Clio for France simply because the car that I had tuned was not allowed in the races.


Stop sweating over this. This event is also “managed” and winner country has been already decided manually and pre-decided surprise car will be rewarded to everyone regardless…


Hardly sweating over it its no big deal, as all I care about is getting the weekly stuff done to unlock the reward cars, not really bothered what the car is they have decided to give us. lol


Actually, car manufacturers might complain if a winning car brand is decided beforehand. Imagine a company like PG giving advantages to some car manufacturers in their game, other manufacturers would drop out of FH6.

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Car manufacturers ar paid for the licences for the cars to be in the game that’s there only interest in the game the money. lol

You think this pay compares to anything? The pay for this game is equal to 1p for anyone else. They are only interested in their cars, and company name being advertised in the game.

I think it would be an italian car as this week the only car that would be useable at all of the four tournaments was the Lamborghini LM 002. I myself use for every championship a different car from a differen t country. BTW the 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth is an english car built by Karmann in Germany for Ford UK as the american Ford Escort of the 1990s is based on a Mazda 323 platform.


Wot !!!
I think more explaining is needed here… I ain’t got a clue what you’re trying to say.

What part @AAORTA?

The LM 002 is the only car that PGG allowed to take part as well at Road Racing, Street Scene, Grip Racing and Cross Country. The other allowed cars only qualifies for one or two race types of the seasonal championships.

And the 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth was not an Escort in its core at all. It was build with a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Engine on a shortened Ford Sierra chassis. Only the body was a escort lookalike. And like many other “special shapes” like cabrios from Ford, Opel/Vauxhall or VW these were build by Karmann in Germany. Just the same like the first Volvo P1800 that first editions were built at the UK in the early 60s.