Forza was working fine for several days, and now it does not connect online while playing.

Error Message

I have tried so many things suggested by others on these forums and others, watched youtube videos for help, even contacted microsoft support with no success. I am able to launch the game and play solo, but every time I want to connect online, I get the same message (image above) only the support id and server id are different each time. It’s always IPSEC: 0x00000000. It is so bizarre to me how I was able to play online with friends, join a convoy, do adventures, and now I am unable to connect online. If anyone has any helpful information please suggest what you have done. Thank you.

I got the same problem yesterday after I entered LOGO dlc the first time. ipsec 0x00000000, but I can play another account online in the same network.

After the July 9th update i began to noticed some isues.

Firts of all, the game started to cash when i was in the tunnel from Astmoor to Wind farm (the higway).
After that, the game wouldnt louch for 2 days.
Then the online playing thing.

Now its just the crashing.

I have been searching but i have no answer to these problem.

I have submited tickets to the forza support but none of them have an answer.