Forza wants me to pay for a gifted dlc car so they locked it

Forza Horizon 4 sent to my Xbox account for my copy of Horizon 4, a gifted car, a dlc gifted car. It was a dlc car which is not available without purchase. I did not request this car form Forza, it was a gift. A gift which I rightfully presumed was a show of appreciation for having played or owned a copy of Horizon 4 for over a year. I have had this gifted car for over 4 months, I received it in my gifted tab in my copy of Horizon 4 some time mid to late last year, 2019. I just recently tried to use this gifted car and it resulted with a message saying this car was not purchased therefore it cant not be used. I did not purchase this car, it was not a requirement when it was sent to my copy of Horizon 4. I simply accepted this gift as any owner of a copy of Horizon 4 would as if it were credits from a business, it was given to me. Now Forza Horizon 4 is trying or wants me to believe that something that was given as a gift to my copy of Horizon 4 on my Xbox account is to be purchased when it was never offered to me for sale, only as a gift. Any one that reads this help me to get in contact with someone important at Forza, Turn10 or even Xbox because this is unjust. They provided me with a car and are trying to portray my possession of this car as a sort of mistake or that I need to pay for there mistake literally.

Everyone was given a James Bond car that you can’t use unless you buy the James Bond pack.

What car is it?

You can get in contact with someone important at Turn 10 by using the Submit a Ticket link at Forza Support.