Forza Vista Text for Audio Comments

Today I feel like sharing what could improve our Forza Experience.

You know we all like to look at our beloved cars and have someone tell us how magnificent they are, what great history they made and had, how fast, expensive, simple, mystical, unique, special, wonderful, fun, practical, adulated they are. Of course I want to talk about that Forza Vista experience. For the sake of purity, before the introduction of these fancy-brand marketing terms, I’ll call Auto Vista.
If you remember, I don’t know ow much of you do, but if you have played the very first Need for Speed games (1994, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000), you might just like me feel a powerful wave of nostalgia when you see how good every cars how good every car were presented : With deep audio description, photos and a video presentation accompanying the fact sheets.
I remember the engagement they had. And Forza has made such a involvement too since FM4.

What I would to see implemented is very simple, it related to an issue I’ve seen here :
Basically you see all these description we see in the “CARS” drop-down menu from or the description used the in the Pack announcements or News or any or the clue threads?

I just see it as a waste of good work. All this text could be recorded and used within the game. It’s such easy to do.

They can do Auto VIsta videos presentation à la FM4 in the Top-Gear style or take advantage and use the in-game environnements to showcase each vehicle to his natural place.

I don’t care about which voices as long as it is something related to racing (For example a female (to seduce) or a youth voice would seem pretty irrelevant to me).
I’d even suggest to record employees as it could only learn them more car culture, is way cheaper, and is getting the community closer as we’re getting to know people’s voice behind that game. (Which must I say is a pretty incredible piece of work)

Every one is going to like that very nice touch to the game.

Automotive Greetings :slight_smile:

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Suggestions. There’s a place for that: