Forza tuning app

I downloaded the forza tuning app onto my phone last night, its called “forzatune6”. Was just wondering if anyone else has used it and what their thoughts were on it? I’m not a big time tuner by any stretch of the imagination, I was mainly looking for a base universal tune to use on most of my cars and I’m happy with the tunes the app provides. Thoughts?

If ur happy thats all that matters. It will never get close to getting the max ability out of the car by any means.

What aspects of tuning is it missing? I feel like its very broad in the tune itself, meaning it isn’t car specific or track specific. It’s just giving a basic idea based on numbers. Have you personally used it? What do you think it REALLY misses on??

Like u just pointed out. It cant give u track specific or car secific numbers. Just a broad setup that the creator decided on with the ability to adjust a %here or there.

No i have never used the app simply because i figured out how to tune specific cars and or tracks. If you want to use it as a stepping stone into how to tune then do it. Just make sure you understand when you are adjusting parts why you are doing it instead of just doing it because the app tells you.

@ OP - you might want to do a search in the general tuning area, as well as this one…since, I believe their have been about 6-8 threads on this topics as I recall. In addition to ERS Johnson’s feedback, these might help you as well.


For one none of the tuning apps take into account any of the Forza loopholes in tuning. All the tuning app does is give you a balanced tune which isn’t a bad thing, but as johnson said it won’t give you a perfect tune but it will give u a decent base to tweak once you know what all the settings do u can go from there.

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Yeah man that was main goal of using the app. Just to get a solid base and work from there. I figured that the app was no where near a perfect tune or anything super competitive but I just wanted a platform to get started on ya know?

In my opinion, it will not work for a “solid base” tune. As Baby Cow pointed out, I have had the same experience. I did purchase both the FM5 & 6 versions of the App just to check them out. Out of all of it, the gearing on FM6 is OK, yet, if you want to learn how to tune…what I did starting in FM5 was to read a lot and get feedback from many great tuners on these thread, and, as a lot of questions. Folks will help you.

I referenced the other threads just to have you read them, and, make an unbiased opinion for yourself.

I understand. I’ll take a look at the threads and try to do more research. I feel like my biggest issue is just getting a basic understanding of how certain aspects of tuning directly effect other places. Such as the relationship between caster and camber. I’ve never been a tuning junkie but I’ve been using my same base tune for what seems to be years now. My biggest surprise was seeing how different the app tune was to my own and I really want to know why the app tunes vastly different than mine. I wish I could be pointed to the “tuning for dummies” section of this forum haha

The biggest reason why it could be way different is because the creator of the app may drive differently then you or use a different formula on how to balance a car.

Remeber the app had to be created by just another forza player so it drives and feels whats best for him

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It aint tuning for dummies really as much as a guide to get you familiar with all the adjustments and what they do. It helps. I copied and pasted it to a folder on my laptop to reference it when I needed to. But even that is just the beginning. Tuning, for me anyway, takes a lot of my game time. I’m slower at it and have my own way of going about it. But, I like it. To me, its fun

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Forgot to mention, there are many tuning guides (starting with Worm’s) that people have developed and you can find here, both on the FM6 and 5 Tuners sections.


I wouldn’t worry about numbers so much, tune it until it FEELs right for you. Builds are what really changes a car. With tuning your basically aiming for stability and the right amount of oversteer or under steer for your driving style. Maybe you like your cars loose or stiff. Make it comfortable for you.

Exactly. When a car feels comfortable usually it’s quick. The fastest handling tune I’ve got is very easy to drive and very forgiving. We’ve all got tunes that are on a knifes edge for speed but really those won’t win races.

A ) any good

B) is it a con

Driver is 80%
Build is 15%
Tune is 5%

Before even tuning most cars you should be able to tell if the build is correct. Build it multiple times and keep track of ur times.

With that said if u chose to use the forza app everytime u make changes the app will want u to change the tune. Be mindful of the changes and find what works best for you not what the app always tells you. The app is more of a guidlne.

I got off topic a bit with what I was trying to say. Anyways the build will decide if ur car is good or not. For instance I was working on a HSV GTS for Watkins glen. I tuned my butt off only to gain .500 on the lap. I rebuilt the car and got a second out of it insantly. Retuned it got another .500 out of it. In short build build build then really focus on the tune.

This is what you need to focus on! Well said, Johnson!


It is adequate for a base tune and usually produces a stable build. It nearly always improves an untuned car.

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For what it cost $2 US on google play. It is a great TOOL. But like every tool… it is only as good at the person using it.

I think the bottom line is all of the replies above are

  1. There is not magic bullet
  2. Practice practice practice.

Actually the best thing on the App is the gearing tool. I use that all then time to make sure all of my gears are in the power zones. I then adjust the FD for tracks. A basic set up is also a help. I know folks say "there is no formula…it’s like cheating…learn it yourself…ect. Look, this is a game and I am no mechanic or engineer. I enjoy fiddling with the oily bits to make the car more enjoyable and rewarding to drive, but if someone wants to help non-petrol heads like myself by going to the trouble of making the fine art of tuning somewhat less confusing and magical…that’s fine by me.

Thank you to you all.