Forza Trackdays

Open class trackday tonight @ 6pm UK time.
If this is a success it will be a forerunner to at least one a week in the future.
After attending a local trackday last week it got me thinking why have I never organised one before! All sorts of cars from hot hatches up to racing Radicals attended. After running a touring car championship last year and making some new friends I think a trackday style session is the way to go.
You can bring any car you want to drive, enjoy or get used to a new tune and learn the track at the same time. Save the replay and do some photography or video all in a more relaxed atmosphere.
Same rules as a proper trackday apply:

-No silly driving, keep an eye out for faster cars approaching and let them pass
-Faster cars remember you may not have been spotted so be patient and be prepared to slow down
-Damage will be turned on for tyre wear and fuel usage so take care
-If you spin or end up in the gravel check for traffic before driving back onto the circuit
-No drifting
-It’s not a race
-Most importantly, enjoy your car and have fun!

Timed sessions of 30 minutes or 1 hour if people prefer a longer session. If you need to stop for any reason please park up in a safe place (could even live spectate?)

Please comment if you’re interested and if there aren’t many of us I’ll add AI to make up the numbers. Circuit will probably be Silverstone full or Brands Hatch full.

Thanks, Gordon

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im interested if more ppl turn up

Being the first one I’m not sure many people will but I hope a few do, it is quite short notice too

I will be on at some point :slight_smile:

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Sounds good. Unfortunally I cannot make it this time, but I’m shure I’ll hop along one time :wink:

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I’ll do another one on Thursday night

Ah damn, I have Race practice on thursday’s ;(

There were 4 of us tonight. The rest of the grid was AI but still good fun.
30 minutes Brands Hatch Grand Prix
30 minutes Silverstone Grand Prix

Date changed to this Thursday, tracks are:
Laguna Seca
Spa Francorchamps

Hi, I’m new to here so have I have no idea how this works. How do I go about joining in for this event?

I’ll add you as a friend and send you an invite because you can’t search for private races

Add me up ill join gladly

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Will update with next day and time tomorrow


Add me up be nice to chill out sometime when your online I’m uk based to so time is not an issue

Hey my gt is ir lundyy …im very interested

I’m definitely interested in joining something like this

+1 definitely up for this too. I will keep an eye on this thread for gamertags and things to add when I get home from work.

Sign me up if still possible. GT: MVH20

Please sign me up: DirkDiggler2210 !

Hope to be racing with you soon!

Sorry people, been working solid. Anyone on tonight?