Forza Track Days - judging interest for possible return


So back in the days of FM3 and FM4, there was a weekly track day event, set up for as many people were interested. Back then, it was a huge hit, on a couple of occasions we had to have 2 parallel events running in sync to accommodate the number of interested participants! However, with the eventual release of Forza Horizon, and so forth, the series just died off a natural death.

I want to try and revive the series (granted, it may not be the same amazing success it was before, but who knows!)

I’d like to try and stick to the same rules/set up as we had before, and that is as follows:-

  • A track is decided a week in advance, normally with a vote, or at random. The starting time is decided with the intentions of accommodating as many time zone differences as possible. Usually also hosted on a weekend to prevent work conflicts!
  • Drivers have until then to decide on their car, with appropriate number board (A blank board will be uploaded to the storefront by myself) and driver number. There’s no restrictions, although it is discouraged that you use racing cars (unless discussed beforehand). It’s always fun having super cars, track-bred lightweights, American land ships, and hot hatches of all manner of classes, all on the same circuit!
  • A roster is formed on a first come, first served basis, with reserves in case of no shows. There will be a minimum requirement to warrant the session worthy of hosting (EG: 3 people on Nurburgring GP isn’t really a track day lol)
  • On the day, I will start the lobby and invite.
  • The event will last between 45 minutes and 1 hour (decided before hand)
  • Drivers can record throughout the session, clips and screenshots. Obviously, rules will apply in race - stuff like no wrecking.
  • Media will be grouped into event albums - either posted to the thread, or maybe even to You Tube.
  • After, it starts the process of choosing tracks etc again!

There’s no commitment, just sign up as and when you’re free, whether that’s weekly, every other week, month - you get my point. There’s not harsh competition apart from spotting another car in the distance. It’s merely a hassle free and enjoyable race with fellow car fanatics.

And that’s pretty much it!

I’m just gauging interest. Feel free to fire questions my way :slight_smile:

I would be interested please add me

I would be interested too, so you can count me in and add me :wink:

Count me in for sure!! sounds awesome!! was hoping someone would come with this idea :slight_smile: pls add me GT: i am rambo1991

Il get involved !

I just started a new job, so I’m not sure what my availability will be, but I’m definitely interested. Count me in!

It doesn’t look like this thread is getting much steam behind it, but I’d be into something like this on occasion.