Please Turn 10(because you have so much spare time),

Can you consider creating a FORZA TIME ATTACK game. I just think of all those crazy cars and body kits and the way they sound that it would be such a good addition to the series and who’s done it? No one I think.

You can have more crazy bodykit customizations and cool ways and components to eek and fine tune power out of your engine plus the ability to maybe make your own shaped bodykits and have sessions where it’s like a real time attack event. You could make your own Time Attack cars and get them virtual legendary status with absolute one of a kind uniqueness via original liveries and build customizations.

There’s so many awesome time attack cars that I want to drive on forza as well that just aren’t here on FM5.

Come on Turn 10, admit it. It’s a great idea.




What you’re describing sounds like FM5, and you just want to see the specific cars you’ve mentioned in the FM5 Car Wishlist thread. For specific features please use the Game Features Wish List thread.