Forza Team: can I get my account on unsuspended?

Hi folks,

I’ve had my account on suspended this Monday. I belive this is due that, after five posts where I uploaded event logs and more useful data to debug, I finally got a refund and added a sixth message stating that getting no acknowledgement from the team was really bad. I’d like to get my account back because:

a) I was given no reason for the suspension. If the sixth message was the reason, I’ll say that I offended no one, in any manner
b) I’m still a Forza consumer. What if I happen to need support again? Come on
c) Horizon 4 refunds aside, I still need to fix the problem with Horizon 3, and the support page is the best place for me to get help
d) I’m still very much wanting to purchase Horizon 4 again

I’m open to be reached through e-mail to sort this out. I know Turn 10 and Playground games made an awesome game, better than Horizon 3 and deserving to be purchased at full price, but it doesn’t come without its problems. To be clear: I do not back out in anything that I’ve said, but I’m double sure I wasn’t uncivil or offended anyone - the statement I made was no news to anyone, there are plenty of other people with different desktop configurations going for the same problems as myself.

Please, I really want to get back in touch with the support team, Horizon 3 is still not working properly and I’m almost helpless by now.


We havent suspended any users. Is your gamertag here the one you provided in the ticket? Do you have the old ticket number? Im only finding the ticket you submitted saying you were suspended from the support page.

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Hi Nitro Glitter, thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

I think it’s 1003, but I’m only saying that by looking at my browser history. I’m trying to log in to the Support page using the same MS outlook account. It was working fine in the weekend and I was adding more details there, but now every time I try to log in (MS single sign-on, if that helps), I get the message attached below: error

If it helps, the full url in my history is