Forza taking a nosedive

Can you guys please make a game that’s not so full of bugs and other things that just generally make all the new Forza games less enjoyable to play. For starters the car sounds motorsport 4 had amazing car sounds turbo sounds and supercharger sounds now it just feels like I’m playing need for speed with cars that sound nothing like they should you can jump into the Hennessy venom GT and it makes it feel like your driving a go kart and sometimes you dont even get to hear the car at all with the engine noise bug. You guys need to go back to your roots because your not making the game for the players anymore your just trying to make quick bucks by selling incomplete games that sometimes have bugs that never get fixed no matter how many people complain please Forza make your games with care like you used to and give it the Forza car sounds not NFS I’ve been with you guys since motorsport 3 and you made amazing games till the first horizon was released with no tuning!! And you haven’t made a full quality game since, fh2 and fh3 where pretty good minus again the car sounds but fh3 had the lag where if you dragged on the strip on your screen you would win but on the next persons they would win but that was tollerable but fh4 is 100% the buggiest game you’ve released yet especially with updates that make the game worse by unsyncing the festival tree in fh4 and it’s sad to see the franchise deteriorating especially on the 2nd most important part of a car game which is the sound please turn it around and make this game great again I know alot of people would appreciate it

wow dude like you should consider putting some punctuation in your posts because if you just keep typing and typing and never break things up into normal readable chunks then people are totally going to tune out and not really pay attention to whatever it is that you’re saying because it just goes on and on and there doesn’t really seem to be any organization or any cohesive thought it just like a non-stop onslaught of words with no structure whatsoever and basically what I’m saying is that if you just ramble on forever nobody will ever make it to the end of your post and even if they do they will have totally forgotten what you were talking about a few lines ago and the entire thing would be pointless clutter but hey who am I to judge right


You don’t need to read it, we already know what it`s going to say, at least it wasn’t all cap lock.
I agree with the first line. (that’s as far as i got)

Besides, the post is on par with the game - really hard to deal with and I wont make it to the end.



It’s not that hard to understand. People don’t speak with proper punctuation so I read your post as if someone was talking to me and I understood it perfectly.

I guess that’s hard for some people?

It is hard yes. We talk with pauses, so we don’t talk like robots.

And we talk with voice inflection that adds to the words to enhance the speakers intent. That is what proper punctuation adds to text. Without it, Yes, it is hard.

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It is hard yes.

They don’t care, so you’re wasting your time with this post. It’s not that I don’t agree with you, but the network bugs, constantly losing double FP, lag, sound glitches, garage glitches, crashes, etc that have now remained for 5 months that have not been fixed. You just get told to submit a support ticket, never get any feedback, and now the latest tool at their disposal is to tell you to submit a ticket and then mark all forum threads as answered. It’s a joke man. I’ve always loved the Forza games but with how they have treated customers with this game and allowed the bugs to persist is exactly why this will be my last Forza purchase. Yes, I’ve sunk a bunch of hours into this game, so maybe I got my money’s worth, but I also refuse to reward a company monetarily that is slowly turning into the next Bethesda.

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No, but when you see and unbroken block of text, it isn’t hard, we just don’t bother. Line breaks and punctuation are not solely for readability, but also ways of expressing and punctuating separate statements. Imagine. Punctuation punctuates. So I saw the first message and by format just assumed it was a rant thread not worth my time if there wasnt the thought and consideration put in to making use of formatting.

As for whatever is in the original post, it isn’t worth time. It has been made apparent that the focus isn’t on a game that people want to play and enjoy playing. Since release there has been a repeated attempt to force people to play the game developers want to play instead of enhancing the parts of game play that people do enjoy.

The playground games: Prime example. People don’t have an interest in doing them? Well take the best car for the month and ramrod it behind having to do FIVE of them. People won’t quit or issues with imbalanced teams and frustration, surely. For this must be the best and most enjoyable way to get people wanting to play them. Signs of ones who just want an instant return without considering longterm reputation or new player retention. I would expect it from some fly by night east European indie game, but not AAA brand title.

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Thank you for the feedback. If you need official support, please create a ticket on the support site.

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