Forza Support response regarding accessibility issue

So I logged a ticket with Forza support, explaining that due to my disability myself and many others like me can’t play the game due to the motion blur and camera shake and how excessive it is in the game, and the fact that on Xbox you can’t disable this.

Support responded pretty swiftly basically just saying they’re looking into this and it’ll be added to their investigation, and they’re marking the ticket as solved.

Is this just a standard support response to get rid of me, or do you think they will actually be looking into adding the options to disable motion blur and camera shake in the Xbox versions of the game?

yes that what they say every time, my bug was solved, but existed for 3 years… lol.

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Haha well that’s not ideal, but I expected as much really. Thanks for the reply.

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Thank you for submitting a ticket. Solved status is not a brush off. Forza and Xbox take accessibility seriously, as shown in FH5’s accessibility features. Forza Support’s role however is not to be tech support or customer service. They take submitted information, reproduce it, bug it, contact the developers and work with them on pursuing a fix for troubleshooting issues. Requests for new features or changes to design may take some consideration. Some tickets are marked as solved because the developers are already aware and working on an issue. If you find something that’s not listed on the known issues list, they start the process all over.

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