Forza screwed me

I received the bmw m1 as a gift from leagues but due to a “full garage” i didnt get it in my garage can yall please re gift the car i deleted so many things just please give me that car

Your best bet is to make sure there is room in your garage, and then reach out to with details of gamer tag, system, and so on. I can’t promise that you’ll get a response or the car resent, but I’m pretty sure the chance of T10 responding through the forum is around 0%.

Edit: Ninja moved to tech support forum. :x

As Scoobs said, remove a car from your garage, I believe the max is 900 cars, once you have 1 less than the max allowed you’ll get the car. btw, Forza didn’t screw you.

Edit: Just checked your profile and indeed, you have 900 cars.

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