Forza Rewards

I don’t seem to be reliably getting my Forza Rewards in Forza Horizon. I redeem them every week from the website or app, but about a month ago they haven’t been turning up at the right time.

About a month ago, I collected 2 weeks at once (instead of 2 x 20,000 credits in 2 separate messages, it gave me 1 x 40,000 in 1 message) because the first one took over a week to show up.

Now I haven’t seen rewards show up in-game for the last 2 weeks.

My rewards in FH3, FH2 and FM5 have all been there when I expected them (pretty much immediately). Not the case for me in FH. I know there’s “up to” a 4 hour delay, but this is far beyond 4 hours.

Anybody else having the same issue?

That was absolutely no help. I’m guessing you didn’t take the time to actually read my post.

The rewards eventually turned up after 3 weeks. There’s nothing in the FAQ that covers that.

Your guess is way wide of the mark.

That is where all Rewards issues should be posted and there is mention from other members of the same issue there as well. It is where T10 look for this stuff and is usually where any info they have/are willing to share will be found - posting here will not be likely to produce a result for you, however using the appropriate thread like the one I linked is far more likely to get it seen and may see it sorted as well. If you had read that thread you would see that the Rewards system is horribly broken and it is not likely to fixed anytime soon so these issues will happen .