Forza Rewards

It seems like my Forza 3,4, and 5 rewards haven’t updated recently. Anyone else have that issue?

Yes - many people.

yea… it sucks, my forza 3 level is stuck at 36… even though i went to 51. i did notice that horizon 1 is still updating though… so get those reward points while you can

i have the same concern. am getting my older games more updated before horizon three came out and was going to ask snowowl if this was common or jsut cause they are older games.

I must be lucky I have no problems with the rewards like some do.

I’m having the same problem on Forza horizon not getting my credits

Same here. My Horizon and Forza 4 points haven’t been added in months. Getting a bit irritated with it, I’m trying to level up one more level before Horizon 3. I could really use those points.