Forza rewards

Most weeks i go to the forza rewards section on this website and select redeem rewards - Sign in to your Microsoft account.

I went on Forza 6 having not used it for about a month and even though on the website under redeemed rewards it says 600,000 credits when i load up the game i can’t see those credits.

600,000 credits is the amount you’ve redeemed over time but you will only receive the amount for your Tier in each weekly period. If you are at Tier 2, the reward each week is 25,000 credits, not 600,000.

Collecting gift credits is a two-step process: Redeem and then Download on the gift message:

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Please post a screenshot of the numbers you are talking about …

But I’m pretty sure 600,000 is your overall.

You receive an ingame-message for every weekly amount you redeemed. You need to select every message inside the ‘GIFTS’ tab and select ‘download’.

Well since no one gets 600,000 credits in any tier it must be your overall
Maximum weekly credits per game is 500,000 for forza 6 and horizon 2

600,000 is my overall, however i have been clicking on redeem rewards on the website for months but have not physically loaded the game for months. Does that mean it does not add the credits automatically, and i have lost it.

sure,you dont redeem them-you dont get them!
why rewarding an inactive guy?
IF you clicked “redeem” each week,they should still be waiting for you ingame. (at least 2 weeks later they’ve been there for me)

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I’ve been earning rewards for forza 6 since they started giving them out but I’ve only just bought the game today and I’m trying to get all the credits I’ve racked up (2,200,000cr) but only 200,000cr is in there… Where is the rest? It was advertised that everything would be there when I get the game.

P.s. turn 10, you better do something about this cause I have bought every single forza game and almost all the dlc’s for each of them… I’ve been loyal to you guys, and if you don’t fix this, you’ll be losing a very good costumer.

As said right above your post if you don’t claim them in game(within a month or 2) they are gone. And do you have a link to where Turn 10 said “everything would be there when I get the game”? I think that may have been talking about the loyalty rewards you got for being Tier x(more free cars the higher you are) and haveing 300+ cars in the garage for 5ish games(5 million each game)

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They expire after about a month …if lucky they might last 2 months
The game is nearly 12 months old and you are only getting it now…not sure about that being loyal…and these are loyalty rewards
If you read the rewards it does say they expire

Credits are so easy to get in this game you’ll have too many to know what to do with in a few weeks

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Well I just popped in forza horizon for the first time in a year and forza 5 for the first time in 4 months and I had all my credit for both games still there waiting for me to redeem them… Why not this game? How do I contact them directly? I’m not interested in people judging my opinion, I have money that I enjoy spending on this series and if they want me to keep spending my money on they’re games, they need to prove that they care about their costumers… (Its not like I’ve ever asked them for anything else!) and I still feel I deserve my credits that I earned.

Every answer is inside the #2 post of the rewards FAQ.

Please read it …

FM5 and FM6 have different messaging systems.

Redeemed FM5 rewards don’t expire.
Redeemed FM6 rewards expire after 2 weeks (now 4 weeks).

Afaik … they only changed the 2 weeks to 4 weeks when they changed the payouts from monthly to weekly.

And you are just treated like any other ‘loyal customer’.


That explains why in FM5 and FH2 that I have messages 2 months old from the rewards program lol.

Well that’s lames. There should be a standard across all games. I was excited when I bought it yesterday cause I was under the impression that id at least get a little head start so I could catch up to rest the of the players who’ve had it since launch.

I think its because it rewards those that are actually loyal to the game…that buy it at release at full price and regularly play it
Not those that buy it at a reduced price 12 months after release
Shouldn’t have happened with the previous games either
The weekly/monthly rewards are for those that play regularly

I suppose you expect to get all the gifts that have been sent from the last 12 months also
I guess we do live in the age of entitlement though

Lol age of entitalment! I don’t like being told one thing and then finding out its not the case. I’m a smart consumer and I know they want my money. State farm bends when I threaten to leave and so does AT&T. Why would I give my money to someone who wants to take advantage of me when there is other options. But go ahead and blindly follow your beloved turn 10, sheep.

Nobody is taking advantage of you
And are getting exactly what you have paid for
The rewards system is a loyalty bonus…you don’t pay for that
If you were really loyal you would have got 25 million to begin with
There’s no rewards for not playing or inactivity
Pretty sure when you click redeem rewards it says you need you redeem in game within 30 days
Just because the older games didnt expire doesnt mean they won’t in the newer games

Just play the game
You will end up with more credits than you’ll know what to do with
They are so easy to get in this game it’s not funny
You will get a few million in your first few level ups too


I play Forza since the beginning. Only at the time Forza 3 arrived i didn’t have much time. So i havent scored much points. If i start playing it again, can i still score the points?

I’ve played a few days and didnt notice any progress in my Forza Total…i need 119 points to get to tier 9 and i want them before FH3 release date!!

It takes a few days and up to a few weeks for progress to register on the rewards stats
It’s only on the rare occassion that the stats somehow don’t ever register as has happened to a few people

Im still playing forza motorsport 2 as that is pretty much the only forza i dont have full rewards on
It would have to be the biggest grind of all the forzas…next would be 3
The latest are so easy to complete