Forza Rewards

Hi. I claimed my Forza rewards yesterday on the website and I came on Forza 5 today and I still haven’t received them in the message centre. Is there a delay?

It can take up to 48 hours for the rewards to generate in game.

Same here. Claimed immediately on release.

Still nothing on any of the four games. Never has it ever been more than an hour or so for me.

I’m sure it a volume thing. Thev whole rewards site is slow and crashing a lot on any of my devices, pc to Mac and Android. I suppose all of “us” trying to cram in the last few days of points before 6 drops has to have an effect.

If release day of 6 is anything like any other big build up release we can expect a lot of waiting and crashing with that too.

Not a complaint. It’s the new normal.

Oh ok cheers. I thought it took up to 4 hours for it to process

The rewards page does say up to 4 hours, but it can take longer sometimes if the server is overloaded. I’d say give it another day and if they still don’t show up, send a message on here to one of the mods.