Forza rewards

Hey everyone i was wondering who do i contact about my forza rewards not registering? I got an xbox one and forza horizon 2 a couple days before christmas, and while I am now level 124 it shows that I have not played at all. Im curious how to fix this and claim the rewards that are rightfully mine.

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Same thing with me!!!

I’m having the same issue! However my old xbox360 account which my kids took over works fine and gave me tons of rewards for all my previous forza accomplishments. It’s too bad I can’t use it on my current account because it’s linked to the old gamer profile. I hope there’s a fix for this.

Why not use that old profile on the xbox one…there was no need to start a new one
Or you could take your new profile onto the 360 and replay all the games again :slight_smile:

As has been mentioned so many times over the last few weeks there has been xbox live issues which affects forza rewards as well

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I had rewards available for FH2 and ive had nothing come thru on the message board

everything is fixed now

So its been fixed were will I find my rewards

See my post immediately above this one. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

My Horizon 2 rewards still aren’t showing up.

Forza Rewards shows I haven’t even played H2. I have about six hours in so far and I could use the credits I just redeemed. :confused:

That would be because you are playing it on the 360 and the 360 version of FH2 is not a part of the rewards program. Many threads and posts on the subject in this forum.

Hi yes Im having issues where it tells me what I need to do to get more points but the progress isn’t showing and still says that I haven’t done any of tasks in order to go up a tier. Is this a problem occurring to others??