Forza Rewards Tier

Pretty sure it isn’t just a beta issue but in Apex, I have a locked badge for reaching Tier 1 I Forza Rewards…as you can see above, that ship sailed a long time ago. Just over 100 points away from tier 9. Same Problem on Forza 6, but it awarded me up to tier 7 (which is where I was when I first turned the game on). Anyone else have this problem? Anyone find a fix? Maybe it will eventually update? Took a week for everything I did on Apex to register in Rewards, so maybe?

Have the same problem.

Same problem

I also have the same problem.

I am also having this issue. I first played this game on its launch date, completed every race and every spotlight event, yet it still says I have not reached Tier 1. I slightly suspect I am a little higher than Tier 1.

I’m having the same problem. You’d think they would fix this by now. Has anyone heard if the Forza store will ever open so we can purchase cars for Apex like the have in the other Forza games?

the store is now open… 2 car packs and a track pack or 1 premium pack containing all 3