Forza Rewards Silently Updating

Basically, I was Tier 5 like a few days ago and had 3.9k points over the next few days I climbed by 200 or so a day and now I have 5.1k and I am Tier 6. I went on the app to redeem rewards and look at my FM6 game and no progress is showing apart from very low numbers. Confused to say the least.

The rewards are a mess at the moment, semi updating at best. To be fair it’s mostly been like that since they launched a year ago one problem or another…

Use the rewards topic. It has it’s own if you need more info.


The total actually updates but the points for FM6 have been locked up since the 18th. I juste checked my points and I’m 9995 points in, 5 points away from tier 8. However, calculating every Forza score together I get 9096 points… At least we can say the problem is semi-adressed as of now. Maybe an actual fix next year.