Forza rewards points

Dear Forza,
I’ve paid for DL content on FM3, and FM4 and after MONTHS of waiting for you to refresh, I still get 0 credit for my purchases. I bring this up now since you are in money making mode for the trimester. please fix this, it’s beginning to annoy me.


Are you on about the points if so i am still waiting for points for DLC on FM4 to add on might take a while took my FH a few months to update id like to hear from soneone at turn 10 on here as to why it takes ages sometimes and other times its done the next day

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Like every other post about Forza Rewards these posts belong in THIS thread if you would like a chance of a T10 staff member seeing them - one of the most recent posts is from a T10 staffer.
Unfortunately T10’s record as far as communication goes is far from impressive.

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this Porsche Cayenne 2009 would be nice and the 2010 bmw m3 Gts and 2010 & 2013 Audi s4

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Sorry wrong section how do I delete this