Forza Rewards - passing new level and no bonus CR

After it turned out that points/achievements updating from game to Forza Hub have been fixed - at least for me (see official post here: I have found a bug in Forza Hub itself, which causes that rewards program still not work as it should.
So what has happened:
Till yesterday I got Level 5. Forza Hub has informed me, that if I will go to Level 6, there are additional 105k credits waiting for me - the difference between Level 6 and Level 5 rewards. Rewards for Level 5 I claimed/redeemed on last Friday. I was playing the game and I managed to pass to Level 6 yesterday evening. I went to Forza Hub today and… and there was nothing to claim/redeem. Forza Hub informs me, that I will receive another 105k credits… if I will pass to Level 7…

Previously, when I passed from Level 4 to Level 5 there was no such problem. I redeemed Level 4 rewards on Friday, I played through the week so I passed to Level 5 about Wednesday. And on Thursday I received additional credits for passing to Level 5 (difference between Level 5 and Level 4). On next day (next Friday) I redeemed regular weekly rewards for Level 5… Why it didn’t work in such way this time? Why I didn’t received promised 105k credits for passing to Level 6?

There is also a bonus question, mainly for users than for developers:
Some time ago my Xbox was broken and it was returned to shop. I was waiting for new piece. It was the end of September. So I used Windows 10 “Forza Hub” app to claim/redeem my rewards. I’ve read there, that there are 3.000.000 (3 millions) of CRs to be redeemed for Forza Horizon 2 (or maybe Motorsport 5 - I am not sure now). I waited for my console for next 2 weeks. Once it came to me I opened my Forza games and downloaded all the “Gifted Money” messages. But none of them said about 3.000.000 CRs and I haven’t received such amount. Does anyone else noticed something like this in Windows 10 Forza Hub app by the end of September 2016?

An update:

Something strange is happening:
Today I received just 100k credits for each game, despite I am Level 6 and thus I should receive 125k credits per game… But when I went into Forza Hub again after some hours I’ve found there another 25k CR per game… Strange - why it wasn’t just in one run?

And still - where are my missing 25k per game for passing to from LVL 5 to LVL 6 on Wednesday?