Forza Rewards Not Updating?

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if anyone knew why Forza Rewards hasn’t been updating lately. I’ve decided to begin going back and trying to obtain 100% (or as close as I can get) on each Forza game to max out my Tier on this new profile. Well, oddly, Forza 4 and Forza 6 Apex seem to be stuck. None of the stats move whatsoever and despite having just completed Season 10 on Forza 4 and now having a gamerscore of 1120 for the title, Forza rewards claims that I still have 555g, which has not been the case for over 2 weeks now. Same with Forza Apex. I’m approaching 100% in each of the categories, and for what ever reason, it says I have zero gamerscore but just below, shows that I in fact have all but 3 achievements. I was hoping that this would have just been a weekend glitch or something, but its approaching 3 weeks and I have yet to see it budge. There’s no point in continuing to replay the old games if nothing will count. Any advice to fix this or any explanation? Thanks.

EDIT/UPDATE: Alright, so in a brief exchange I had with Forzas email support team, with a lad name “Chad”, it appears that the past few weeks have been dedicated to server maintenance for the upcoming title and trying to revise the older 360 titles rewards systems so that DLC counts even if not a season pass car pack. Everything of mine appears to now be up-to-date and I even got my Forza 4 credits, which have been redeemed online 6 or 7 times now but never showed up in the message center to be claimed. Chad also told me that after October 6th, all maintenance should be complete and the 48 hour guideline will be viable once again. Hopefully this remains the case, guys! Again, this is for Forza 6 Apex, Forza 4, Forza Horizon 1 and even the DLC for my preorder of Forza Horizon 3. I now have 150 points for my DLC purchase.


Mine works for Apex, I’m still getting the points. Dunno about the other titles tho (PC mustard race).

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My gamerscore for fh2 and r and r is royally killing my fh3 rewards. I’m 2 tiers behind where i should

I have the same problem with forza apex an forza horizon. No update since the last 8-9 days.

Still waiting for my F5 token purchase from +3 weeks ago to post…

Among other things…

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I had the same issue with Horizon as well for a while, it eventually updated; however, I missed out on the Tier rewards for Horizon 2 because of it.

I just noticed I’m now Tier 10 so looks like we’ve had very recent updating.

Congratulations! As you can see, I’m still trying to get Tier 9! LOL (And yes, mine updates)

According to Max who watches these things, the Tier system appears to have been updated in the past 24 hours to reveal the new Tier 10. It looks like it requires 15k points so you can possibly get there without ever having played Apex.

glad it’s updating for some. At least it’s moving in the right direction!

My rewards car engine is blown lol allllll i need is 42… just 42! Come on level 9

Mine hasn’t updated in over three weeks :frowning: I grinded so much last couple of weeks and now it is starting to seem like it won’t update in time for the FH3 release.

I have the same Problem. FH, FH 2, FM 5 and FM 6 haven`t updated correcly for weeks.

I’m level 205 in fh2 and gamerscore is 0…

Seems to happen just before a new Forza gets released
Everyone is trying to increase their rewards
Maybe the servers are havinv a hard time keeping up
Same thing happened just before Forza 6 was released…probably within the 2 months up to its release
Seems to happening here again


Best of luck!

I’m grinding away at F5 & 6. (I don’t even like the tier reward car for tier 9, which makes it even worse…):joy:

Good luck everyone!

My score of 0 while being level 208 on fh2 is preventing my move to tier 6 for fh3… really deflating

So I just checked out my forza hub on my one and noticed I had level 9! I thought wow did I finally get those points I’m supposed to get? Nope! I got points from Paid DLC in Horizon 3! Never booted up the game yet lol. So check your hubs you may have more points you didn’t know you had coming just yet! I’m taking this as a small sign they are dealing with paid DLC/token stuff.

I did the very same thing, LOL saw my score went up and thought it was for my missing achievements reward score from Apex…nope FH3 credits for DLC packs purchased ( season car pass was included in the ultimate version and already have those points.

Well I guess that’s a very early sign that Horizon 3 rewards are working as intended!
What’s funny is I didn’t get the paid stuff for Forza 6 until after a week or so I was playing it. Now it comes a week before even early access… gotta love it!
I hope you get your needed points soon Dan

I think only Forza Horizon 1 and older doesen’t update here.

I started Forza Horizon 1 on both 360 + Xbone and savegame is in cloud.
Still not updated for 2 weeks.