Forza rewards not updating

Is any one else having a problem with their reward stats?

I’ve been playing FM6 for about a week now, but the only things changing are days played, gamerscore and mods used. Oh, and showcases say 30 completed and when I’ve only done 1!

Badges, cars owned, driver level, miles, passes and DLC all show 0 ( I have the ultimate ed.)

I know the stats are slow to update sometimes, but it’s never taken this long before…

Any ideas?

I’ve been having the same issue. Got the game a week ago; days played, gamerscore, paid DLC, unique mods used, and showcases completed are the only things that have updated so far. According to the in-game stats, I’ve driven about 1300 miles and the miles counter in rewards is still at zero.

ETA: I’m seven points from Tier 6, so this is kind of annoying.

Me too

the only thing that’s not updating for me is my driver lvl. it says I’m at lvl 74. but I’m at lvl 94… it probably comes around after a while. it always does :slight_smile:

Same - mine hasn’t changed for a week now.

me too for driver lvl and days played.

I am having the same issue with my stats. Any word when this will update?

I know my driver level isn’t up to date as of this moment I’m not sure the rest of my stats are behind as well. I’m hoping I should be level 9 when things get back to speed :slight_smile:

And now you are Tier 9 :slight_smile:

give it another week and stats are probably updated. if not T10 see this post and wil look in to it if many others have the same issue :slight_smile:

Same here, only days played and unique mods updating, all others (Driver Level, Mileage, Gamerscore & Badges) remain untouched, can someone please help!

Yup, it has caught up (a bit) at last…
Still behind on most things and showing 0 cars and 0 dlc though.
I’m pretty sure I should be tier 8 by now, not that it really matters - it just bugs me when things don’t work properly LOL

(edit) …And a bit more yay…