Forza Rewards Not Updating

My Forza rewards haven’t update for close to 2 weeks now

Going by other users I am not alone

Is there some issue with the Forza Rewards?

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Yup, not worked for me for a while now, was happily updating until around 20th december when it stopped. I am 29 points off next tier, thats annoying.

Especially with a huge amount of rewards coming in two days time

DETAILS update correctly, but not SCORE who are frozen since more than a week.

My days played hasn’t moved as well in the last two weeks for FH, FH2 and F5

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I got Forza Horizon 2 on the around 20th December and haven’t got any Forza Reward points. It’s quite frustrating as I am only 337 points of the next tier. I’m also having an issue with the website as it says I have “0 points to next tier”, but on the hub it shows the right number of points to the next tier. I emailed them about the issue and they haven’t responded yet. I presume there is quite a few people with the same issue.

Yes I have this too. Details are correct but score isn’t. I bought a load of cars on FM3 and FM4 and got some cheevos on FH2 to take me to the next tier well over a week ago. The bar graphs for the “details” have the correct numbers but the bar graphs for “score” have not updated. Going to miss out on a lot of rewards in 4 days after spending a lot of time buying cars (very boring) specifically to get to the next tier. Annoyed!!

Mine isn’t apdating to in FM 5 and Horizon 1 for a week or so, neither details and score itself. Annoying especially cause I bought tokens to max out score :/. Thought it’s because of this recent DDoS attacks on MS servers but it stopped counting before that.

I spent $4.99 on tokens for the original Forza Horizon (1) on Friday 12/19 at around 1 am Pacific , which I don’t play anymore, specifically to bump myself up the <300 credits I needed to go to the next tier and to get the 800k credits I am due for this month’s rewards period (400k FH2 + 400k FM5). It’s quite disappointing that the points stopped going up the day before T10 likely went on Christmas break.

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Well, I guess I spent my $4.99 for no reason as I just got my next months’ reward and I lost the 800k that went with the next tier I was supposed to be in. I hope T10 can make right with the folks who had the points on time but were unable to redeem next-tier rewards because of this glitch. Thanks!

I’m annoyed as I was 6 points of the next tier on the 20th December and I got horizon 2 for Christmas and played it a lot (level 41) and got Agee acheivments yet still 6 points off???

Been trying to get Forza Rewards to update my Forza Horizon stats for about 2 months now, at least. My issue was with DLC. Attempted to delete and redownload all DLC on the 19th, which seems to be the same time everyone else started having issues. Getting kinda fed up with this…

oh, and I am 3 points from next tier. lol lame!

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Any update on this? Been stuck needing 401 points to next level for weeks now. Forza 4, 5, FH and FH2 all not updating progress.

Sweet nothing, 2-3 weeks now it hasn’t updated

Guessing they all on leave

Been frozen for just over a week now, the details are all there but it hasnt translated to my score.

I was trying to squeeze another tier in to get extra rewards but looks like thats not going to happen…

I got Horizon 2 on Boxing Day and am up to level 33 and have no points at all on my Rewards account, not happy considering today is the last day to get up to the next tier for rewards.

Looks like there has been some movement in my score

I sent an email 2 days ago to Forza. Today the system is working again and I was able to redeem my rewards. Probably unrelated but it works now!!

Stuck again