Forza rewards not updating achievements

When looking at my rewards page for Forza 4/Horizon/Forza 3 my achievements are not accurate. I have had over 300 gamers core for Forza 4 for over a month and it still has not increased. Other things like miles driven and perfect passes are updating accordingly.

Rewards 1
Rewards 2

The first image is a screenshot I took on the 18th of August after not playing for quite some time. The second is from today, after playing a bit in the last few days. The last is a screen of my gamerscore, which has been over 300 for a long time. I tried emailing for support but did not receive a response. Anyone able to help me out or point me in the right direction? It would be greatly appreciated :).


You sent an email - not much anyone else here can do for you. Give it some time to be looked at.

I know, I just haven’t received a response since I sent the email on August 3rd. Will try to stay patient

You probably won’t get a response - it will just sort itself out one day. Not saying that T10 won’t do anything - just that the only thing you will see is that it updates one day.

I’m having the same issue. Finished my last two achievements on August 3rd, but still no update. Not that anything hinges on getting it updated, it’s more the satisfaction of seeing the score roll up to 8500 before the next game comes out.

me too, i’v played loads in the last week or two, and completed some achivo’s but no tier or score update, boo hoo.