Forza Rewards level up

3 weeks ago, I leveled up to the max level for Forza Rewards. Since then, it tells me I am max level but each week when I go to redeem my reward, it redeems level 11’s rewards. Says I’m 0 points away from level 12 and I could get 75k more credits if I leveled up, but Since I’m already that level, I can’t level up. Anyway to fix this?

I’m in the same boat, my gaming account has been lvl 12 for a good 2 months but I’m still getting 425k instead of 500k. While I wait until it get fixed I just do 1 race a week and it makes up for it.

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Looks like many post say the same thing about the rewards. It sucks that Turn 10 doesn’t seem to care about their rewards to the most loyal customers they have. If you look at my rewards, I have played every guy fully through since Forza 4. I played forza 3 some, but not enough. I am not getting the rewards that I should each week, and it makes me concerned that when Forza Horizon 4 comes out, I won’t get all the cars for the level I am, which is truly why I leveled all the way up. I don’t find Forza 7 entirely great since I really enjoyed the multiplayer aspects and diversity of Forza Horizon 3, but I bought it, as an ultimate set, and am disappointed. That said, I wanted to make sure I achieved the level so that I could continue to get the rewards at the highest tier.