Forza Rewards in FH4

Forza Rewards in FH4

For new Forza players, Forza Rewards is a loyalty reward program that tracks gameplay, which earns points, which determines the level of rewards available in each reward period. Players must redeem the rewards manually either through Forza Hub or through the menu link at the top of the site page:

You can go back and earn more points from playing previously released Forza games. The Reward Overview page will list the requirements across a variety of categories (such as Cars Owned, Gamerscore, Days Played etc), and the points earned from from those categories. Once you’ve earned those points, they never decrease. You can also compare your stats to your Friends’ progress. See the official Forza Rewards FAQ thread in the forums for more information.

The points you’ve earned determine your Forza Rewards Tier. Announced in the September 14 Week in Review:

Tier 2: 25,000 CR
Tier 3: +25,000 CR (50,000 total)
Tier 4: +25,000 CR (75,000)
Tier 5: +25,000 CR (100,000)
Tier 6: +25,000 CR (125,000)
Tier 7: +25,000 CR (150,000)
Tier 8: +50,000 CR (200,000)
Tier 9: +50,000 CR (250,000)
Tier 10: +50,000 CR (300,000)
Tier 11: +50,000 CR (350,000)
Tier 12: +75,000 CR (425,000)
Tier 13: +75,000 CR (500,000)

The rewards are cumulative for each Tier, so that Tier 5 will collect 100,000 CR in a given weekly reward period, and the maximum available to collect is 500,000 CR.

Here are the available points from playing Forza Horizon 4:

  • 50 Car Masteries (400 points)
  • 50 Days Played (500 points)
  • 1000 Gamerscore (500 points)
  • 2000 Miles Driven (350 points)
  • 125 Roads Discovered (100 points)
  • 100 Cars Owned (250 points)
  • 100 Driver Level (350 points)
  • 15 Horizon Story Chapters Completed (300 points)
  • 10 Properties Owned (200 points)
  • 50 Ultimate Passes (50 points)
    Total Points available from each game:
    3,000 Forza Horizon 4 (console or PC)
    3,000 Forza Motorsport 7 (console or PC)
    3,000 Forza Horizon 3 (console or PC)
    1,000 Forza Motorsport 6: Apex (PC only)
    3,000 Forza Motorsport 6 (console only)
    500 Forza Horizon 2: Fast & Furious (no longer available to buy)
    3,000 Forza Horizon 2 (console only)
    3,000 Forza Motorsport 5 (console only)
    2,000 Forza Horizon (360 only)
    2,000 Forza Motorsport 4 (360 only)
    1,000 Forza Motorsport 3 (360 only)
    500 Forza Motorsport 2 (360 only)


The announcement also lists Loyalty Rewards, which are available to collect one time when you start FH4. The Rewards you receive are “based on their Tier level at the time they log into the game for the first time.” so it’s to your advantage to level up in previous games before starting FH4 if you want all available loyalty rewards. Tier 12 requires 20,000 points combined from any of the games listed above (excluding FH4).

See the Loyalty Rewards thread for more discussion about these one-time rewards.

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Since I’m tier twelve, still collecting tier 11 rewards for the past 4 to 5 months, how’s this gonna work? I’m getting 425k now, as opposed to 500k I should be getting, when fh4 goes live, am I staying at 425k for tier 12, or 350 for tier 11??

Inquiring minds want to know


So the weekly rewards have dropped from 200+ for a decent rank to 50k? really?

It’s still 500k if you are top rank, same as before.

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ahh right, misread it, my bad

they are accumulative like previously so

Weekly Tier Rewards starting with FH4

tier 2 25,000 credits
tier 3 50,000
tier 4 75,000
tier 5 100,000
tier 6 125,000
tier 7 150,000
tier 8 200,000
tier 9 250,000
tier 10 300,000
tier 11 350,000
tier 12 425,000
tier 13 500,000

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Why are they reducing the amounts for tier 10 and 11? We may not be able to lose tier points but that’s still punitive because a new game is being released. I know it’s free credits but that just seems like a jab at loyal players.

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that’s the way they have always done it , the past 3 games , they have adjusted like this, yeh it is disappointing but that’s the way it is
it has happened to me 3 times now, since being at the highest tier each time
for some reason they don’t want to increase the payout above 500K

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I’m tier 7 but only get tier 6 rewards according to this chart. Also, I would be tier 8 or 9 if points for the Xbox 360 games still worked correctly.

I think this means that until I make some progress with FH4 my weekly rewards will be reduced.

At the moment, according to the rewards page, I’m Tier 12 with 20,885 points out of a maximum of 22,000 points.

There are several suggestions from players but it seems that although the change to Level 12 should occur at 20,000 points, there is a hump or points within the score which don’t count, meaning that players receive rewards relating to a lower tier.

Once FH4 is launched there will be a maximum of 25,000 points available. I’ve not seen anything official regarding the points required to reach Level 13 but possibly it’s 22,500 points or so.

I’m 21,471, which is more than enough to cover the free dlc/token points, still getting tier 11 for the past 4-5 months. I’m getting the feeling that if rewards wants to bump me up a pay scale, it will. Until then, it just tells me to go pound sand. I live in Kansas, finding sand to pound is difficult…


Like you, Halmi89, The Novacat and others, I’m officially Tier 12 but still getting Tier 11 rewards. I expect that once FH4 is released, my weekly reward credits will reduce but if I can get 3,000 points or so from FH4, hopefully it will go back up. In any event I’m not complaining. My Message Center worked today so I was able to download some credits.

Interesting list of gamerscore achievements for FH4. Includes points for Forzathons and drag racing.

Tier 1 starts at 0 pts
Tier 2 at 100 pts
Tier 3 at 500 pts
Tier 4 at 1,000 pts
Tier 5 at 2,500 pts
Tier 6 at 5,000 pts
Tier 7 at 7,500 pts
Tier 8 at 10,000 pts
Tier 9 at 12,500 pts
Tier 10 at 15,000 pts
Tier 11 at 17,500 pts
Tier 12 at 20,000 pts
Tier 13 at 22,500 pts (?)

Thanks for this!

I have boosted from 9 to 11 over the last few months. Currently 900 points from 12 but as I am missing Apex, Fast + Furious and Motorsport 2 I am struggling to get any closer.

Interesting to see what the threshold for Tier 13 will be.

since release of Forza 7 i get the wrong tier reward…
at the beginning its normal but i get from tier 11 to 12 and nothing changed evry week since im on last tier i just get the payout from tier 11 :unamused:

Just to add a different take, I’m Tier 12 receiving Tier 12 rewards. Currently at 20,793 and started receiving the Tier 12 rewards at 18,600 (or whatever 600 more than the T11/T12 border was). Before being “gifted” the points for DLC/Tokens, I needed about 600 points to reach the next tier, I had DLC for most of the games already, but none of the tokens (except for maybe FM3.)

I am currently at 21,876 points and I also will loose 75,000 points till I get to level 13 but I am guessing that this will not take me too long and probably will get there before the first rewards are available in FH4. Either way not a big deal for me as they are free credits and I really can’t complain about free credits although I do see the point being brought up by some lower tier players. So far my total rewards points in the Forza series is at nearly a half a billion as I currently sit at 405,940,000 across every Forza game…pretty nice rewards I would say.

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I can’t see why they can’t just leave it and increase the credits to 575k for tier 13 it’s not a reward to grind back to get the 500k which you already had previously

On the other hand the post above mine makes a good point it is free credits after all il just have to grind my way back up to 500k again

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Same procedure as every year, James.

You “fall back” one tier in reward and work your way to the next tier with the new game to keep up to your “level”.

In the end it won’t matter as the reward will dwarf in comparison to Goliath :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m very disappointed !