Forza Rewards Horizon DLC not updating?

So I’m not exactly sure who I’m suppose to be asking this question to; I emailed but apparently they only do automatic responses now. Anyways, my problem is that I’ve downloaded what I thought was all the DLC for Horizon yet I still don’t have 5/5 for Forza Rewards. I need to find out if I’m missing something or if there is a glitch in the rewards system and if so, who do I talk to to get it fixed?

Forza Rewards Horizon DLC

Now here is what I have downloaded:

Downloaded packs

As well as the Season Pass:

Season Pass

Now the season pass says it comes with the Rally Expansion Pack, which is true because I’ve been playing the Rally portion of the game for almost a week now. However, I saw this today:

Rally Expansion Pack

This is the only pack on Xbox’s website that I have not “downloaded” apparently. Is this what is preventing my rewards from being 5/5? I don’t want to just buy it without a for sure answer because, like I said earlier, I’ve already got this expansion pack and have been playing it. And even if I do buy this pack, that would technically bring me to 4/5… where’s the missing DLC?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated… I’m not sure what else I should do.



It’s been three days since I posted this and I still haven’t seen a change to my Forza Rewards.

You have emailed T10 - nothing anyone here can do for you. Have patience - they have plenty to do and sorting this out might take a while.

Just an update in case anyone at Turn 10 has read this:

Everything else on my Forza rewards is updating except the DLC portion of Horizon. I’m still playing Horizon to achieve the 50 days of play and the perfect passes and both have been updating a few hours after I finish playing. I started playing Forza 2 as of 8/31 and that one has been updating as well (Significantly slower than the other games, but none the less updating).

I’m having this same problem. I bought the season pass and only got credit for 50 points. Even if I buy the other two packs, that will only count as 3, how can I get 5? Also, it hasn’t counted the last 3 days that I’ve played, it’s been stuck on 20 of 50.

Have the same issue, bought season pass and it only registers as one dlc. Tried re-downloading the car packs but made no difference.

im having a similar problem as well.
purchased the forizon season pass ($20) recently, but all “dlc” in the autoshow registers still as dlc to be bought. so i went to the ingame marketplace, started going to each individual dlc month, and they all say free, except the first car which says purchased. so naturally i go to the next car thinking, maybe i have to do them all manually, but low and behold, it says ive already purchased it! Am i doing something wrong? i dont understand where the dlc went…

i remember forza 4 made me do them all one by one, which sucked, but at least they showed up!

I just picked up playing Horizon again yesterday and while going through a checklist to see what I need to do to up my Tier I noticed that my rewards didn’t properly reflect what my game data says. Luckily I don’t have your issue where DLC doesn’t show but my milage, passes and gamer score are very wrong when comparing the details tab on the web page to the stats page in the game. I also notice that the under the rewards page it doesn’t display my locked/unlocked achievements at all for Horizon and FM4.

Decided to try and email Turn 10 again now that I think Horizon 2 has calmed down a little. Got an automatic reply again, but will keep a look out to see if anything changes.

I’m having a similar problem as ZeeKay4pm. The in-game stats in Horizon shows over 2000 miles driven, but the rewards stats shows 452/1000. That’s more than enough points to get me to the next tier, so I’m a bit annoyed…

They have to be done in races - all other mileage doesn’t count for some reason. Try one day just doing one race and nothing else, then check your rewards tally (it may take a little while to update). The mileage shown in game is total, not just races.

I have the same issue. I have purchased all DLC available for Forza horizon but only have a score of 4 out of 5. Anyone had any luck getting this corrected?

I have the same problem as well. Purchased season pass but only show 3/5 dlc on horizon.

I sent an email to but got an automatic reply. I recently started Forza Horizon and most of the reward updates that can take up to 48 hours to update seem to work (achievements, tokens purchased), but paid DLC owned is stuck at 1/5 even though I purchased the season pass. Both the tokens and the season pass were purchased on the same day as well. Any help resolving this issue will be appreciated.

I have finally completed 100% of Forza Horizon, yet nothing has changed on my DLC. I have also gone back and re-downloaded everything that I could. Not sure who else to contact but it is very disappointing that Turn 10 has just decided to ignore Horizon.

Print screen showing 100% completion other than DLC:

I just got my token points today for horizon 1 . It toke a week so I’m sure yours will come thru soon

I posted this problem 2 months ago, so I don’t believe “soon” is an appropriate term. I’m pretty sure this is not just a “wait it out” situation. I’m pretty sure someone from Turn 10 needs to fix/reprogram/debug something within Forza Rewards and/or Forza Horizon.

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I’m in the same boat, I have purchased all dlc and stuck on 3 out of the 5. Been just over a week now!

Hope it gets sorted soon

So finally got all my reward points! I had to reinstall the car pack individually, and it updated in about 36hours!


Did you purchase the Rally Pack separate from the Season Pass or just purchase the Season Pack?

I am glad yours updated for you. I’ll have to go back and retry all of mine again and see if it works this time around.