Forza Rewards-Gifted Credits Issue?!

I figure I’ve got a bit of a problem! I feel that many of the Forza Rewards gifted credits that I should have gotten, I didn’t?! These rewards come in about every 5 or 6 days and for about a month it seems that even though I’d done the Forza Rewards system, I didn’t get them!
Now I did have my console fail and go to the repair center, but it came back as testing out fine. So I’m admittedly concerned with it failing again! However, during the time it was gone, I used a friends console. I did the Forza Rewards during that time and from the last week of April until the middle of May, many of those gifted credits didn’t get into my Gifts emails! I figure that means I lost at least 900,00 credits maybe even, much more!!!
I’m not sure what if any support can be done about this? I’m not sure IF Turn 10 actually has any customer service at all?!
Another matter is that I’ve lost quite a few mod cards, seemingly just disappearing from my mod card section for races. Many of these mod cards were uncommon and rare too!
On another related issue is with Forza Horizon 2 in that many of those wheel spins, I’m not getting either! I’m currently coming close to level 300. I estimate that more than 40 or possibly 50 haven’t been done or acknowledged?!
I sure hope that I can get some help & assistance with these problems from Turn 10 & Microsoft!!! So far not much at all!
Doran Davis