forza rewards - days played

Been playing since Christmas day, and had the issue that a lot of people seemed to have about no rewards updating.

Then boom I got a ton of points, everything except days played. I have 0 out of the 50days! Played everyday for over a week now, anyone else have this problem?

Horizon 2 has been updating fine, but just can’t get any days played in f5

Appreciate any advice

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I have the same situation !!! How to fix it?

Me three, seems to be a thing…

Same story here…

I’ve the same problem. Days played for Forza Motorsport 5 is not getting updated.

Exactly the same story here with days played not updating!!! Started playing Forza 5 on Boxing Day. Took a few days for points and achievements to update so no drama there… BUT I have played it everyday since getting it and my days played still reads 0. Should be up around 16days.

I know there were some issues around Christmas with hacking and network disruption, but shouldn’t things be back to normal by now?!

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I’m having the same issue with FM5.

Im having the same issue plus a lot of my badges wont unlock. Pretty annoyed to be honest. Spent a fortune on this game and additional content and simple stuff like this doesnt work. Its not like its a brand new game or anything.

The problem seemed to start around the same time the Storm Island DLC was launched. I’m also stuck with just days played to go, but like most people it’s still not registering.

There have been quite a few posts overt he past couple of weeks with people with the same issue, so it seems fairly widespread.

Although the other counters did lock up for me at the same time, they resolved themselves in time and day played is the only one still “broken”

Yep, STILL stuck…

Same for me.
Stuck at 42 days…
Badges not unlocking
Achievement progress like 400 Gold medals and others are mess up too (already got more than 400 but shows around 35%)
But I don’t think it’s gonna be fix like the cracking sound problem that ppl talk for ages.
I got my X1 because Forza 5, I bought all the DLCs and I’m very disappointed, No answer no support for issues…

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Same goes for me. I’ve got around 350+ medals, and the 400 rewards is showing only like 30%, like it has been reset.
Also, my badges are not registered for a long time already (still stuck with 137/200). And even worse, although i’ve unlocked level 25 with a manufacturer, the badge isn’t available in my profile, like i never did it. I’m worried 2 manufacturers, 4 or 8 won’t unlock either…
Will we ever see some fix here ?

Weekly check in, still stuck…0 days played, driver level 115ish now?

Hey everyone
I’m still stuck with 0 days played, medals not updating, driver level not updating!

The only thing updating is achievements!

Like others have said, I got my XboxOne for the forza franchise, I have bought all of the dlc, and am so disappointed about the issues that have occurred

Fingers crossed they are resolved eventually! Cus I am really enjoying the game otherwise


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Same here as well! I have loads of days played, achievements, cars added etc;: but no updates to reflect this, like the other people in this thread Forza Horizon 2 appears to be updating fine! Is there a fix on the horizon (sorry no pun intended!)?

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Same here. T10 did respond that they’re working on it. Will be solved sooner or later.

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I have the same problem… 330+ level and only 140/500 days!!!

I’ve the same problem.

Mine shows Driver Level 12 (I’m currently somewhere in the 20s) and have played most days since New Year’s Day, yet it’s stuck on 0 days played. Like everyone else, I’ve also been playing Horizon 2 - where things update regularly.

Me too, have 330 gold medals but no achievment (Gold Bars).
In Forza hub, it says also im 136 points after myself?
Whats up with all these erros?