Forza Rewards - Days played not registering

Hi !

I just wanted to get the 50/50 days played for this game, but the counter seems to be stuck for 3-4 days now.

Does anyone know why please ?

Thank you.

There’s usually a significant delay with Forza Horizon on the rewards page. It also hit End of Life on October 20th, so I don’t know if the rewards will still update on it.

It would be nice if someone from Turn 10 could chime in on that.

I don’t think EOL affects rewards. My rewards points for FM2, FM3 and FM4 updated even though those games have been in EOL status for a while. Sure, there may be a lag, but you should still get your rewards points even in EOL games.

Same here. For me there are only three days played left for the 100%. And it stopped updating a week or so… Please T10

49/50 :slight_smile: i gues its over … dont expect any reply from developers

36/50 here.
I don’t see why it shouldn’t be updated. i just logged in and saw that my forza rewards are still dispatched via mailbox, so why wouldn’t it register days played.

Please Turn10 fix this, i’d like to be able to complete the objectives to increase rank.

Days are still not registering for almost 2 weeks now.

Come on Turn10, would you kindly fix the problem, people really would like to get all points available.

Yeeeaaahhhh… rewards points just updated here. FH1, FH2 and FH3 are now 100%
Thanks T10.

Finally updated for me as well. So I guess the average time for an update is around 2 weeks?

Updated here as well. 50/50 :slight_smile:

Thank you for the fix !

For all who think theres an issue with updating the progress just wait itll update eventually and whatever you do do not uninstall the game then it wont update for some reason had this issue on Fast and furious expansion with billboards being smashed.

I had same issue with progress updating last year like some off the members say it can take a while am on 75 or76 cars owned but website only says 51 at present pays to be paitent i guess