Forza Rewards Car Points

I’m wondering how the car points work for the rewards. For Forza 5 for example it says I have 22/50 cars owned. What? I have well over 200 cars (I forget the exact number). Is there a 0 missing on the end of the 22/50 or what?

All the info you could ask for about the Rewards system is in this thread

I searched the entire thread and all I saw was the question being asked a few times but never acknowledged or addressed.

Weird. I read elsewhere that I should buy a car and wait a few hours and it should update the system. I did so and checked back and now all is well. Interesting.

This also applies to the other games as well - mentioned in other posts but no need to quote multiple posts for the same thing.

When you open the rewards for a game it shows the points that stat is worth and how many of those points you have, if you click details then is shows you the actual number you have (so 50 points for the required cars versus the number of actual cars).

Yeah I know.