Forza Rewards and In-game tokens behaving oddly

I’ve noticed two odd things happening, can anyone make sense of either or both of them?

1.) Sometimes my tokens (TK) displays as 0 although I have about 13,500 or something. Later, so far, it has always restored. It’s completely inconsistent too, sometimes in career mode it will be 0 and back on my profile it will be restored, sometimes vice versa. Is this a bug? Am I in danger of losing tokens at some point?

2.) When I was Level 1, I redeemed a reward for 100,000 CR on the Rewards part of this site, and it said when I reached the next level, there would be a reward to redeem for 200,000 CR. So I played yesterday until I was Level 2, but there was no reward then or now, just the same message: reach the next level for 200,000 CR. What’s going on here?

Grateful for any advice.

If you are playing infrequently, the server may need a trigger (some gameplay) to properly display your token balance. As for Forza Rewards, it does take some time for the site to reflect your account activity. Just wait for it - it’ll happen.

is that it is normal to receive only $ 200,000 for my second level in forza rewars beacause I read that could receive 1 million per level?