Forza Rewards: "27/30 Showcases Completed"

Hello there.

I seem to have an issue with Forza Rewards not tracking my Forza Motorsport 7 statistics correctly.

Here are my current totals for reference:

In-game I have 30/30 Showcases completed, and have had so since October of 2017 as evidenced by the Achievement data below:

Please advise me on how to resolve this, and if there is anything I can do on my end.


I had the same issue when I first completed them
I fixed mine by doing the some of the showcase events again, especially the longer ones unfortunately

After you redid a Showcase, how long would it take for Forza Rewards up update? I’m guessing it’s not instant.

Back when i did it , it took a couple of days
But that was last year
Seems the forza rewards hub takes longer now

But did them making sure not to use any super easy assists or friction assist

Okay, I may try some of the later ones again when I find some time.

Side note: I started (and finished) Forza Motorsport 6: Apex over the weekend, but the Gamerscore section in rewards is empty (despite showing Achievements as unlocked). Any idea how long that would take to refresh?

With mine on the showcase, it was 1-3 days iirc

Should be within 48 hours but seems like it does take longer
Have some stats and achievements that have taken weeks if not months

If you have the Forza app on PC, check there. For me, game score on all games update almost immediately, where they don’t if I just check through the forum