Forza RC Stream is live now hurry and get your game rewards.

Don’t forget to join the live stream You can get free cars and drivers gear for very little if any work. The first stream is 12 pm PST or 3 pm EST and if you miss that you can join the 6 pm PST stream. I will update the prizes and what to do to get them as they are listed.

Prizes are listed I will add the task to win them when it is posted.
Retweet: 2017 Chevrolet #2 Team Penske Indy Car

Watch 30 minutes: 1954 Jaguar XK120 SE

Complete a poll: 1998 SUburu Impresa 22B STI FE

Watch 60 minutes: Good Knight Driver Suit

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Prizes are:

Chevrolet 2017 indy car (Verizon)
Jaguar XK120 SE
Subaru Impreza 22B FE
Good Knight driver suit

I’m not sure of the quests yet.


I so have been waiting for the Jag and the FE Subaru

The stream is live now, FYI.

Retweet from the Twitter panel → 2017 Chevrolet #2 Team Penske IndyCar
Watch the stream for 30 minutes → 1954 Jaguar XK120 SE
Vote in at least 1 poll → 1998 Subaru Impreza 22B STi Forza Edition
Watch the stream for 60 minutes → Driver Gear: Good Knight


Already had the Subaru fe, was it a league or forzathon car? Already had the jag as well. Anyone can buy the Indy car. The good night suit was new to me, it’s also legendary.

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Do the minutes stack from one stream to the other?

I really, really want to put my hands on that Jag.

I’m not sure about it but I think this Penske Indycar has a unique livery, doesn’t it? It mentioned “Sonoma race” in the description. Which version is featured on the car you can buy in the game?

I’ve got both, I don’t see any difference in livery.

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Yes you can watch the 6pm PST stream and if you had time left on this stream it will carry over to that one.

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Gonna have to finally give props to T10s marketing/mau team(s). Such Sneaky. Much Engage. Wow.


While I always appreciate free stuff, this is just an extension of the locked cars and time-limited online events problem except that now you have to tune in during a very limited time slot to get your freebies and promote something you might not even care about with the retweeting quest (I personally don’t really care at all about Forza RC). Seems like an attempt to boost the viewer numbers more than anything else.

Anyways, I’ll be sitting this one out. If I can get the cars later great, but even if not I don’t like supporting these types of events.


I agree 100%. It’s nice to see I am not alone in this. The current focus on RC and all of its features are resources and time taken away from fixes the game needs implemented now.

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What? Focus on ForzaRC is trickling down to customers, lol. Forza Motorsport is turning into a pro affair and Turn 10 is shaping the game accordingly.

It’s like in old times, really. Audi develops LEDs for Le Mans and they’re implemented in their road cars a few years later.

“It seems like damage control” Well now you’re talking just like the skeptics at a certain other forum. That’s the exact phrase they used… Now everything they do to satisfy our complaints is “damage control”? Not really. They’re a business, God forbid they want money from us, lol.

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Did you mean to quote this post?


I am of the thought that the focus on RC is the only reason we are going to be getting new track limits and a penalty system in the near future. The last Forza game to have any sort of penalty system was FM2 from 11 years ago. The community has been complaining about poor track limits, corner cutters and rammers for the last 5 games and 11 years and T10 has been completely silent about it. They start to focus on Forza RC and esports and we get new track limits and a penalty system announced within 2 months. It could just be a coincidence but I don’t think so.

In general I am not a fan of time limited content, but this is set up much better than previous events have been. They have two streams which last 2-3 hours and are set 6 hours apart, and with the exception of the driver gear all of the rewards have been previously available. The Saturday stream they did for the opening event did have an exclusive car if I remember correctly but it was on a Saturday where a majority of people have some sort of free time.

It is a good thing they are working on a penalty system, and if RC and a focus on esports did it then its a good thing. But all this track cutting and bad online racing didn’t just start happening in forza 7, like you said its been years and several games back. I cant back it up with numbers but it seems like damage control. Im guessing over losing players, as it seems like this would be the only thing to make it happen at 6 months or so after release of the 7th game in a series. But it is happening and that’s good.
But it does not change the fact that there are lots of other issues. There is probably a huge growing list of things but I thought at the start that buying the game, and playing it would be enough for me to get the experience and its content. But, that is not the case, as I now need to invest more of my time in stream events and unfortunately im not interested in watching other people play or talk about playing something that I could play myself. I don’t have all kinds of free time, with a family and work, I want to play when I have time. If they are going to lock cars behind this stuff make it the minivans and the SUV crap that don’t belong in this game anyway. And the driver gear is pointless from the start as it adds nothing but a guy smacking his helmet in the load screens.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Hello All, How vote for poll ? I need Subaru FE PLZ :slight_smile:

You would have needed to wait for a poll to come up
You might have missed it now

Maybe look in the auction house or wait for the next opportunity

I missed it. Any chance to do the Quest?

Anybody knows when it will be the next Forza RC Stream?


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