Whats happening with the leaderboards? Now at the end of week two of RIVALS and still no results for week one? Anyone?

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Ooh, this is starting to feel like de ja vu!

its a joke!!!

I agree with the above posts. Just thinking we have been here before and I was hoping this time someone or some organisation might have their act together.LOL.

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It’s certainly a big mess and perhaps de ja vu. I was very disappointed yesterday when I had to deregister two hours before racing due to family commitments. Now it looks like it was a good thing.

BUT to be realistic, FRC3 [ELITE] RIVALS was meant for the super elite guys right from the start anyway and only a battle between the real contenders for top 50 on LB’s. Rest of the community played canon feed if we want to accept it or not. As for the races, only difference now is that you have to qualify for it which makes the group of racers much smaller. So it’s just a short cut to the inevitable end result and will produce better grouping of skills. In the old system the community would have been canon feed here too, so that’s been taken out. Not sure how the top 50 racers will be chosen if some or most of them already qualified via RIVALS though.