Forza racing championship,just another mess up by forza!!!!

So I’ve been sat waiting for my week one prize to be sent to me,i played all three weeks and placed in the top 30%ish percent so well indide the qualifying 50%,so imagine my surprise when I get an email to the account linked to my gamer tag not the one I registered at ESL!,I find an email with a code for week two prize!,Turn 10 can you ever do anything properly?seems nothing only have I had to deal with losing all my gameplay thanks to Load Failed,now I get messed about again,well done forza way to great your loyal paying customers!!!

At least you got a code. I registered, played the hell out of FM6 for 2 of the three weeks and at the end of wk 3 I noticed that the ESL site wasn’t tracking anything for me. I emailed support only to be told none of my “matches” had been tallied. I registered, signed up at ESL, signed up for the series. I finished in the top 20-30% for those two weeks all for nothing. ESL sucks.

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That’s because you didn’t play any “matches.” The open comp went strictly off the league leaderboards. Just be patient.

I understand your fustration but esl and t10 have done nothing wrong. They have upto 90 days to issue the codes from the end of the forzaRC final. We will just have to have wait until they come through

FYI I have received the 6 car pass and I’m expecting the other 2. Some of my friends have had the nas car and the porsche packs but not the 6 car pass. There seems to be no patern to how they are being issued

OK guess will have to wait😣,thanks anyway