Forza Prologue!!!!!!

Here is my record player with dissatisfaction and derespeito by delivering an incomplete Fully game.
I bought the Xone only because of FM5, I bought an forza prologue.
All missing in the game, tracks, cars, even the autovista that both emphasized, is incomplete, the Ferrari F50 does not open the rear engine hood, it was in forza 4 and other cars too. Please mend it!!
Even when shooting, the car is only one way in the garage, all of which had great in forza 4, was removed. Forum serves for it, listen to the client, buyer and user.
Not to mention the cardboard crowd … on track. The E3 demo was well above the final version submitted.
I’m disappointed …

I’ll tell you what… When you finally understand how the realities of Xbox One game development works, then you will have the right to speak your mind. Until then, the next time you have a thought, just let it go.

like you do? your opinion is now matter-of-fact rendering all others that precede it obsolete?

nope, didn’t think so.