Forza photo mode

Anyone having issues with the photo mode? When I click on it to do pics, it gets real wavy and out of focus. Can’t get a good pic anymore. On PC.

You have to focus on car or change from custom to standard.

Yea never had the problem before. Just started doing this recently.

if you don’t want to share them within the game you could take sceenshots with the Graphic-card internal screenshot function. I for example use the N-Vidia shortcut: CTRL+ALT+PrntScrn (don’t know how it is called… Nvidia experience or something…) for most of the time instead of the internal function. The results are the same but i have my native WQHD resolution istead of the shrink’d FullHD.

But i didn’t had the problem you described.

Photo mode is always stuffing up for me.
Seems the photo mode bug is back now too… Well 2 of them.

When you enter photo mode, because it takes a second after you click it, you lose controller input & your wheels straighten, can’t get those hectic crossed up action shots at the moment.

Also, there’s issues with the graphics/effects in photo mode, with the way brightness, exposure & contrast adjust, it’s gone bad lately.

I thought it might just be my XBox acting funky, but it’s doing it on my lappy too.
Ruins my enjoyment of the game, seeing i love taking pics of the cars i use.

You need to be offline if you don’t want the wheels to straighten. Being online means the game needs to pause everyone who may be in the shot and this is the lag you are experiencing.

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Nope, incorrect.

I’m talking about driving around on my own, not whilst being in events.

No, I’m not incorrect. Going offline should lessen the delay between you pressing the d-pad and the photomode opening, if not completely removing it.

What are the specs of the laptop and which Xbox are you using? Maybe your laptop and Xbox are becoming obsolete and hence are lagging more than they should be.

Yes, you are incorrect.
It always worked on FH4 & it worked on FH5 up until a few updates ago, now it’s hit & miss.

Like, so far in this gaming session, it’s working normally on my laptop & I’m still watching other people driving around.

Laptop is getting a little old, but I mostly play on Series X.
This isn’t the only bug, there’s also times when the settings in photo mode don’t adjust properly.
Like, a few clicks in either direction on settings like contrast or brightness, will go from extremely bright to extremely dark, it loses the complete range of adjustments, which makes things terrible for trying to take pics.

Ok I apologize. :flushed:

While it seems to work sometimes in Horizon Life & other times it doesn’t, you’re right about it working in Horizon Solo.
Didn’t play up once while I was testing just then on the Series X, I couldn’t get it to work on Horizon Life though, but it was earlier.

Sux if you’re in a Convoy & you wanna take pics. :frowning:

Another day, another difference.
Now it won’t work in Solo, or Life.
Even restarted FH5. :man_shrugging:t3: