Forza needs urgent improvement

This is the second time I write here in the Forum and, like the first one, unfortunately, is not to compliment something inside Forza Motorsport.

Guys, what happened to the game?
Why are so many top players coming out, giving up and looking for other alternatives?
Have you ever wondered the relevant differences that could really appeal to both old and new players? I am not talking about aesthetic issues like the implementation of clothing for pilots (Driver Gear) or bagdes. Talk about the gameplay. What do you really have new?

In practice, there is nothing and the worst:

  • The game has never been fluid since its release. Several crashes still persist and compromise the gameplay and also the patience of all;
  • absence of rivals of homologated divisions;
  • absence of a punishment system;
  • very short times between one race and another inside the lobby that makes it very difficult to choose the car or the ideal tuning for the next race;
  • collision system worsening;
  • lack of a system where you select the pilots by skill (League mode is flawed in this sense).

Every game needs evolution to stay alive and there is simply nothing really different.
There is not fluidity when we need to get a painting, tuning or even start the next race in multiplayer modes. By the way, the multiplayer lobbies are a joke.
We need to get rid of the class model (this does not make sense anymore and is outdated). I am part of a team, play Forza practically every day and I do not know anyone who speaks well of the classes in relation to the homologated divisions. We have to invest in these divisions so that we can have the possibility to use most of these more than 700 cars that the game offers. There is nothing more frustrating than getting into a lobby and having to choose only 1 or 2 cars to be competitive.

We need to have division rivals with the proper ghost. The same goes for the ghost in Free Play. Why it appears only when we beat our own time? What is the difficulty in being released to use as we would like?
After the last update, the collision system worsened and became more arcade (much like the Horizon). It is necessary to find a middle ground between what was before and the current one. The proposal of Motorsport is different, more focused on the simulation and everything that is done needs to meet this proposal. We can not mix things up.

We need to categorize the pilots within the game. That would be the greatest possible evolution (along with a punishment system)!
As a suggestion, there should be some kind of competing rival before starting the first race in multiplayer mode. After the players set their best time, they would confirm it and automatically be included within their level. You could select 2,000 players per level (needs to check this number to be real).

If someone had trouble finding players for their level when they start the multiplayer, they would deactivate some option, allowing a global search where all the players who opted for the same choice would be included.

In short, there are several things to modify and mostly improve. Some are part of a natural evolution of the game and others are urgent things that must be solved as quickly as possible.
Avoid people being discouraged from Forza. It’s an excellent and well-known franchise, but the problems are driving away players who really want something more and keeping those who just want to make confusions and disrupt the races.

Pay attention before it’s irreversible!


I think it’s a little late for urgency…


It’s pretty clear, they don’t think anything is urgent here lol. In their minds the game is fine and needs only a few things here and there, while the truth is that this game is one huge mess.


Oh look, another post listing the same things people have been complaining about since the game came out, this has to be at least the hundredth one that is practically a copy and paste of the others.


Actually, most people seem to be in favour of more emphasis on classes, so he’s unusual in wanting to get rid of classes and focus on homologated divisions. This is actually the direction the game was originally headed in, but there was a mismatch between rivals and multiplayer racing. The mismatch has been addressed by introducing class based rivals, whereas the OP in this thread would have preferred it if they’d gone all in with homologated divisions.

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I concur with what you’re saying, the community pushed the game back into classes; however, I would agree with the OP that Homologation was a much better solution, at least for longevity.

The only problem I saw with homologation was that there were too many divisions. If they would have divided the divisions into, perhaps 20 instead of the current 60+, it probably would have been easier to create a valid multiplayer environment.

But, all of that is a dead debate anyway…

It means it’s the truth…


That’s good. If people stopped posting this, the things at Turn10 would probably think these problems weren’t problems anymore.


Or they could just post in 1 of the other threads as per forum rules


Ah, the “plug ears, pretend nothing is wrong” approach. Like it.

Very Microsoft, really. They’re doing it with Windows 10 so why not with Forza?


You couldn’t be more wrong. Even though these posts usually result in no action from T10 whatsoever it’s not a bad thing people are posting. Maybe one day someone will listen. If no one speaks T10 won’t do anything for sure. So much stuff is missing and begged for
AI in MP
Penalty system
Real content. Not outfits, drag strips, hot wheels and other esthetics most don’t care about.
Customisable HUD
Adjustable FOV
Real timing in HUD as in propper motorsport
Real content update… did I mention that already?
Tracks. Cars… I guess that falls under real content
Rally cars with no tracks to drive them
Even this site. Could it be any slower?

So don’t complain and discourage these sort of posts. Maybe, just maybe it will make a difference. When it does you’ll be posting thanks to T10


He’s a white knight, his job is to defend all problems this game has(sometimes calling them “features”) and making sure people forget about them. All that while praising the amazing patches we get with drag, drift and hot wheels cars.

Endurance GT is by far the best lobby where you can actually get some decent races, yet they didn’t improve on this at all, simply left this terrible system. It’s frustrating, really, out of all those lobbies, only 1 is worth spending time. It’s time to evolve, stop calling your horrible systems “forza features” and improve this mess. Get features from other games and improve them if necessary, there’s no shame in that, but instead you guys are too arrogant to assume all the mistakes and listen to clear feedback, always trying to fix it in your own broken way(collision assist for example).

Turn10 had a whole year to greatly improve the game(not counting the years of development), yet the game is basically the same but more stable(still having black screens and other problems). You guys cannot use the excuse that you don’t have time or that things take time. Feedback has been given, you guys decided to ignore it and do it your own way. There’s a reason why this forum is full of people complaining instead of praising.


Not a white knight but not an idiot or a clown either
Not defending ANY problem
How many identical threads get posted every day because of people like you thinking multiple posts on the same issue will bring your intended result
Why not keep it all in one big thread rather than hundreds of pointless small ones where people like you think they are talking for the whole Forza community

The fact is that not a lot really bothers me, I think it’s a great game. I knew what to expect. I knew the Forza has always had a terrible reputation for people being brutally murdered in online racing, I knew that the handling had “quirks”, I knew there was going to be outlandishly OP (American usually) cars and a very loose PI system that allows like 1500lb racing cars to race directly against 4000lb muscle cars. But hey, it’s fun and I enjoy the challenge and I don’t give a stuff about winning, I would rather have a clean fight for last place than a dirty one for first. I don’t even care about the glitches, I have patience. Hell, I grew up playing commodore 64 and sega master system and I started my life of internet nerdery with 56k dial-up modem. A frozen screen here and there is not the end of the world. I really can’t see what the major problem is. If this were a genuine bonafide simulator, I would probably be a bit irritated, but this is a £35 game and I never fail to enjoy it. The only gripe I have is that they have a really good homologation system, and they barely use it.

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Ok it maybe, but what solution do you have for this? Just criticizing does not solve the problem!

I agree with a lot of what the OP is saying.

  1. The game needs homologated division rivals. How can I practice a car and track combo in my own division to practice for a club event and know where my times really stand within the division without this?
  2. Race regulations now. The sooner the better. We need a real driver rank system like PC2, GT, iRacing, and most other games.
  3. Lose the class system, stay with just divisions. You can have an any car race if you want with certain PI ranges, but the class races are and have always been a mess.


Thanks to remember me about the driver rank before the races. The Project Cars system is very simple but effective.
Forza needs a great evolution and we are here to point the direction that fans of the franchise would like.

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Agree with homologated rivals. It would water down the multiplayer lobbies too much to do this in multiplayer though.

It is hard to find lobbies in some classes sometimes so further options would likely lead to more empty lobbies.

I don’t think he was talking about lobbies though, and yeah, I think there’s too many lobbies as it is, but players always complain that there’s not enough. The biggest pain with the way Forza lobbies are set up is you have no idea who is playing what or even if a certain lobby is even populated. I like the Battlefield-esque kind of server browsers so you can see what all the rooms look like for player count.