Forza Motorsport's Terrain Hardness in Horizon 4 Terrain Map. (Snow, Mud, Grass, Rocks)

Well in games such as Forza Motorsport 6 or 7 when you passed or touched the dirt ground or grass field you can feel your driving experience being affected.

What about including something like this in Forza Horizon 4?

For example using this aspects maybe could change some aspects like:

1.- Keeping your car attached to the ground and less bouncy and jumpy. (More controlled speed)
2.- Snow, Grass and Mud even Rock Roads interactions. (the same like passing through the water)
3.- Increase you driving experience. (Like your speed reduces, your car shakes, your car drifts, etc.)

By increasing the driving experience it consist of adding more elements to the mud or snow of the terrains.
To be something more than only a visual appearance. Like being attached to the road in certain conditions.
(In the case of adding “Ghost Options”)

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But Hypercars are only fun off-road.

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People win raptor with aventador because they know how to drive.

  1. Why game should tell how “good” car is on offroad, that is something that you should know by yourself and it’s not that hard, hypercar with race tires and race supsension is not good in offroad, hyper car with rally tires and rally supsension do ok in offroad.
  2. So you should only choose offroad vehicle while driving online?
  3. porsche cayman is best rally car in the game so offcourse i would use that on online.
  4. I agree that we should have some lower class online adventures but biggest reasons why there is so mutch ramming is because it’s team based game and because ramming and corner riding are not punished in anyway.

People win with a Raptor or with the Aventador because they know how to drive. Ok I agree, but in the mountain through the fields?

1.- Ok when I mentioned that there should be Off-road Index on Specs, its to restrict the off-road vehicles to Off-road and fields, and track cars to only pavement roads.
I know what vehicles are of course but this is only to respect their categories, how its possible to let drive a Pagani Zonda R through a mountain? Even with rally wheels?

2.- So you should only choose Off-road vehicles while Online: NO! When driving online like the Freeroam you should use any car you want.
But when you want to play certain race then, there should be restrictions to only certain categories, not always Anything goes. If its mud why use a track F40 Competizione?

3.- Theres rally Porsche as well. The thing its to use the Cayman on track because its the best. And then change to better options if the race its now on the mud or snow.
Almost 500 cars of different categories to try but they still only choose the Centenario for all the grounds. Its to drive the cars in what its meant to be drive.

4.- Yeah, this is for the Rammers and Wallriders, try something new or different if they don’t know how to race fair.
Just by adding a team with A class cars and another with C class maybe. A race with their own classes but still in the same race. This is the best way to reduce the carnage.

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You can drive zonda through to mountains because that’s the way horizon games are allways made, if this game would be realistic you coulnt drive zonda r at all because it’s not road legal.

And same goes when it’s come driving to mud or snow or what ever dirt racing i use cars like cayman and tvr cerbera because those cars are this game better in dirt racing than cars that are orginaly made for rally (like #2 audi quattro that is really damn slow in s1 when comparing against cayman)

And me, i keep away for online playining before it’s been fixed.

Compare Forza Motorsport 5 where you briefly touch the grass edge of the track and instantly lose all speed. Yet in FH4 I can power straight up a grassy, snowy mountain in a Lambo, or land a 300m jump off said mountain and the car still drives! LOL.

That’s the kind of physics the game really need to have. Like nerfing the vehicles speed and handling if they touching the grass or grounds in dirt, mud and snow if they aren’t made for this conditions.

Just like the RAM 2500, its an quite slow Truck for the game… but it can master all the roads and seasons. But why use this if you do it in a Lambo. Its about balancing and respect categories.

Adding this details to the game would help to control rammers and wallriders, who think they can drive a 2 Million Ferrari FXX off-roading and can’t control high speeds. Its hard and impossible this way.


I half-agree with this post… but mostly from a “incorrect physics/balance” perspective.

There’s no way the BAC Mono should be the top-tier rally car, it would get shredded (as in damaged), but since there’s no real damage model, it basically means that hyper-cars and track toys are invincible, allowing them to be tuned for rally/offroad.

Essentially, this is creating a class of cars that doesn’t exist in real life because all the cars in FH4 are made of an Adamantium™-Vibranium™ alloy.

The ONLY way to “solve” this is to have a larger restriction grouping with some overlap.

Road & Track Cars > Rally Cars > Offroad cars

This means that Hypercars like the McLaren’s and Lambo’s should be in a restricted Road & Track category, meaning while they CAN go offroad in open-world play, they can’t register for offroad/rally events in multiplayer (do whatever you want in single player).

Cars in the Rally Car category can register for Rally Events, and Road & Track events, but not Offroad events… and cars in the Offroad category can register for anything.

The second option (and one that really should be implemented anyway) is restricting things like Freeroam Rush to terrain types in the same way…

Road & Track FRR’s should have a 3 second countdown once a car’s four wheels leave pavement resulting in a reset (i.e. drop to zero and put back on the road), Rally FRR’s should be restricted to dirt roads (red lines on the map) and streets, and Offroad FRR’s should be open to anything.

These two systems will GREATLY increase the fun (and sensibility) of things like Unranked Team Adventure.

There should also be a queue available for “Anything-anything goes” that is as it is now, you know, for masochists.


You get my idea, its about killing the Anything-Goes in multiplayer and even single player aspect and Respect their categories. Like your first idea.

This also helps to control the Rammers Community because they can control high speed cars without crashing you. Intentionally or not. They need only proper tracks for this higher classes.

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So you want to anybody playining game in the way you like it to be? This is horizon not motorsport, in horizon is made in purpose that way you can take hypercar and can drive it in mountains and then made 600m jump. In this game in current game there would be wallriding and ramming even if d-class would be only online class.

Btw go look city outskirts cross country rival leaderboard and look how mutch there is road racing cars (and that is event where most of driving happend on fiels so not even close toughest cross country event) or looks fh3 cross country leaderboards s1 and s2 class are full of trailcats, bowler and rally fighterts. So i have no problem if somebody wants to use lambo in cross country event because my offroad car is better there than lambo.

And for the rally cars, most of rally cars that are in game are really slow, and even worst some dirt races are like 80-90% on asphalt so actually road racing tuned car is there faster than rally tune. You may not like it but i like it when in dirt races i can face any kinda cars. If i want to play dirt racing game where i see only rally cars i can go play dirt.

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So what’s the point of having rally and offroad cars if road based cars will always beat them.

I think you’re missing the point entirely. As you say, “It’s Horizon, not Motorsport…” so why in that case are only hypercars/fast road cars being used? This is Horizon, not Motorsport.

The POINT of Horizon isn’t “To have a ton of variety in cars an events so that you can win every event with the same hypercar…” You’re completely undermining your the premise of your own argument.


Why hypercars are been used, how many of us can drive cars like ford focus in real life and how many of us can drive cars like fxx k in real life?

And did you read what i wrote, offroad cars beat those hypercars in offroad. And what i have play online in motorsport and horizon, horizon have mutch bigger variation in cars what people are using. fm7 was really terrible when almost every people use same car. in forza games some cars are allways been better than others and im pretty sure that is somethink that will never change.

So what is your problem if somebody want to use same hypercar over and over again? What you think which car will be most popular if pg would make change like your option 2?

Dude… you can play with any vehicle you want. But if you want the Rammer community to be gone you have to stop thinking like one.

I know this game its considered arcade, I just wrote it, but to balance gameplay first need to restrict cars that no many can handle. People are always crashing at you because they can’t still drive a high speed car in such so varied scenarios and where most of the cars aren’t mean to be. Even tough many of them will still crash in D, but its a suggestion to trying to improve the online experience in game.

A bit of realism would make this game even more immersive. Like feeling the terrain affect your driving experience like it was in FM7. And most if your using a car that wasn’t made for this.

Its about respecting categories base on what event or season its active. If its snow, take of the 450 cars of the game what are the best for this season or condition. Whatever its D, B or S class, etc.

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fh3 didint have that kinda ramming and it was game where those all power no handling car was really good. Biggest reason for ramming is that online is team based that dont punish you ramming other peoples it even can be most effective way. It’s sad but best way to get online experience better right now would be just making everybody in ghosts.

Basically this is about giving certain realism and balance like going the Forza Motorsport Direction and not the Full Arcade.

Yet this is to increase the difficult and experience of going off-road, like the car getting stuck in the mud or snow. Keeping the player speed more controlled and show-up the Off-road cars section.

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You do realize that giving cars the ability to be stuck in the mud/snow will cause even more people to be frustrated/angry with this game, right?

Then pick of the 450 cars what’s the best in that case! So muddy? Left the Lambo and try the Raptor!

Your gonna be racing all the time? No time for expedition or some side activities? Puff.

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Also this its something should be considered in the new expansion that will be coming, its a perfect landscape and zone for the yet the best offroad experience and it will be covered of sports, hypercars and track cars if they don’t get limited or what they are made for. Giving a focus on the side of the heavy vehicles.

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Basically adding off-road features to the snow or mud would be give certain realism and immersion to the game and may not interrupt the gameplay most of the times. But it would be great for more emphasis on off-road vehicles and adding some slow-paced gameplay to avoid to much ramming. Basically at this level you can take any vehicle you want to the terrain.

Also it can be for the hardest events yet. A new level of difficult as well.

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