Forza Motorsports specs supposedly too high for my HP machine

What should I do?

These is the screenshot of the comparison between the required specs and my machine…

It doesn’t make any sense.

Your GPU is below the minimum specs - it doesn’t have enough VRAM or support DirectX11 and isn’t powerful enough.

I can’t see any of your specs, since you only posted a screenshot of the minimum and recommended specs for the game.

But obviously your GPU has not enough vRAM and doesn’t support DX12.

Please post your dxdiag info file for full system info. …(how to)

What are you talking about?? The CPU that is listed is clearly well above minimum requirements and even above recommended with his beast of a 6 core i7 cpu.
The real problem here is that his GPU according to this does not support dx12 and apparently does not have enough vram.
If he replace that GPU with a more modern and decent one he will have zero problems running this game at 60fps or above.

HP generally not known for gaming PC’s unless you have made some modifications. Latest issue of Maximum PC (October) has a step by step guide for a $699 gaming machine build that will even support VR. You will have to build it yourself or get someone who can but they tell you what to buy and what to do. Very good price. It is centered around the AMD FX-8320E CPU and a AMD Radeon RX 480 GPU which they say outperforms a NVidia 1060 and costs a little less. That’s what great about consoles, no need to upgrade and even though my PC may support H3 I will spend most of my time playing it on the console. PC gaming is an expensive hobby.

I just built a new PC to replace the AMD FX-8320 system (which I built on a budget over 2 years ago, showing how outdated the CPU is) and for Forza Apex that CPU will run the game poorly. It recommended low settings, and when I used medium there were severe fps drops and freezes. An i5 or better is the way to go for most games and definitely a demanding game like Forza Apex. An i5 6500 would be the ideal budget base for Apex, with a H110 motherboard, 8GB RAM and either a non-reference RX480 or a GTX 1060.

In the long term PC gaming is cheaper than console (free online, cheaper games, cheaper peripherals, not having to replace the system every time a new generation comes out etc etc) but consoles offer a much lower initial cost and can be cheaper if you only want it to play a couple of games.

My knowledge of AMD is less than Intel. I have always been an Intel/NVidia guide. They recommend the MSI 970 gaming mobo. Are you aware of a AMD CPU/Motherboard combo that would be a little better for those looking to save by going AMD? They spent $195 total for the CPU/mobo. I agree Intel would be better but they are higher priced. Odd they would recommend such an old CPU and not spend a tiny bit more. I see little reason to play H3 on my gaming laptop which probably is a bit underpowered anyway. I will try it for sure but it’s just going to be easier and run better on the One for me at least. I run Apex ok but not great. Had to turn a lot off but it runs fairly smooth. Glad to see they are making H3 available to PC only gamers. This will add some quality PC gamers to the Forza Mix and I hope all the wreckers will follow their example. PC gamers tend to take things more seriously and I think it is a good thing. We shall see.

At this point in time there isn’t an AMD worth recommending - the reason they picked such an old CPU is because AMD haven’t released anything newer/better since then, other than chips like the FX 8350 or the FX 9xxx series which are both essentially the same chip as the 8320 but just clocked higher from the factory. They’ll be launching completely new CPUs for enthusiasts next year apparently so if for some reason you want AMD I’d recommend you wait, but you’d be better off switching to Intel imo.

Is it not letting u play at all? It tells me mines not enough either but it ends up playing fine at 1080p @60fps with settings on high. Just install it and try to play it, theres people who play this on the surface tablet, not well but it works.

I can’t even install it. The download button is greyed out. My GPU supports DX11 but this says it doesn’t. I have an AMD X6 1100t CPU that is overclocked and it won’t accept it either. This is my HTPC so it isn’t my main machine but at least on Steam I can download and tweak something to work and make the determination myself of what an acceptable level of performance is. I’m only pushing 720P through a projector on a 120" screen so this machine doesn’t typically need that much hardware. Maybe I will just stick to Steam for my games.

Forza: Apex is a DX12 game. You need a DX12 GPU to run it.

And your CPU is way below minimum specs too. Even for 720p. It would be ~15 FPS.

You are right about the GPU, but dead wrong about the CPU… That phenom might be old, but since it is the top of the line phenom 2 with six cores it is actually quite capable and similar to the fx 6300 in performance due to the better IPC. There are people who even play this game on a phenom 2 x4 which is significantly slower and even they are able to get between 40-60fps when paired with a half decent GPU. He probably wont get stable 60fps all the time, but he should be getting something more like 50-60 most of the time.

My mistake