Forza Motorsports "Rewards" Problem..

May I ask if anyone else has encountered this issue or a similar one? I’ve earned two 60k rewards, one 300k reward, and a 600k reward. I’ve redeemed them all from the Forza Rewards page and the only one I have gotten was a single 300k reward. All of the other ones did not go through, and in one case when I “redeemed” it through the message center it ‘downloaded’ but it never actually gave me the money when I checked my balance. So basically out of 960k of rewards I have earned, I’ve only been able to actually receive 300k. Has anyone else run into this issue?

Probably has to do with the launch of Forza Horizon 2 and all the server lag and issues. They still haven’t gotten out all the redeemed rewards for FH2, and it is more likely than not slowing down the process for FM5 as well. I redeemed my rewards on for October on the night f the 30t and still haven’t received them in either game. Give it another day or so…

I’m tier 5 and i haven’t has any of my rewards but the have been redeemed. keep check my gifts and theres nothing there. getting quite pissed off with it. waiting on 1,000,000cr and 4 cars

I received my Tier 7 credits and cars for Horizon 2…Forza 5 has yet to come in…I am sure they are working on the problem.

It did take a few days to get my Horizon credits.

I redeemed my money at half 12 yesterday and nothing has come through yet will u be able to look up please