Forza Motorsports 7 and beyond

I own Forza 6, and I do love this game dearly. As far as future purchases, I realize I own Forza Motorsports 3 and seem to never ever want to touch that awesome game again. So it’s sitting in my game collection collecting dust over my love of Forza 6. I had decided to purchase Forza 6 as a physical copy for this reason. I wanted to eventually sell 6 when it comes time to purchase 7 in the future (if there will be a Forza Motorsports 7). This way my previous games will not simply be collecting a mound of dust, because I know for a fact I will never touch them again.

Turn 10 devs… Can we have an option to pay for tracks from previous games as a DLC? The Kinect game “Dance Central” gives the option to download songs with their related dance movements from the previous games into the current game. Can the same be possible for Forza Motorsports 7? Because I want to now purchase your NASCAR and HOTWHEELS DLC packs, but I fear If/ when I purchase Forza 7, those DLC packs will no longer be of good use as my love for your game will shift from part 6 towards 7. Heck, as I already mentioned, I’ll sell off 6 to buy 7.

So would it be possible, or fair to pay a small fee to bring over previous DLCs into your next game for those who already purchased them? $5 to bring over the Nascar DLC cars and tracks (just bringing over tracks and cars, not gameplay mechanics and features. That’s the point of playing Forza 7. Otherwise I’d keep Forza 6 to continue playing them).

This way no one is left with these tracks and cars sitting in their hard drives for a game they’ve moved on from, but would love to have added to their current game given that they’ve paid for it.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Each Forza game usually includes all the content from previous games in the same generation. There aren’t many reasons not to, other than some licensing issues with cars like Porsche. These will usually be a new paid DLC for each game due to their agreement. Some other issues exist with the Japanese tracks licensing. Hopefully they will be able to bring them back.

I played forza from day one, I keep them, if you going sell F6 you need to do it before F7 has a release date, as it won’t be worth as much as if you sell it now. I’ve seen loads of games do this that when new one is out, game before is not worth much.

I think Forza 7 should introduce a flag system and warning system etc… Drive through penalties etc… Maybe even have a safety car come out on track to really spice things up for multiplayer. You get a lot of people complaining that you cut corners but this will fix that problem.
Also what about changing weather conditions during races and have a wet/slick tyre option. Cheers. :slight_smile:

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The question for me is if the tracks of the expansion packs in FM6 such as VIR and Homstead Miami Speedway will become standard in FM7? They really need to get way from making tracks exclusive to expansion pack purchase ; cars I an understand, but not tracks. With that in mind I hope to see the following circuits included in FM7 :

Belle Isle
Mid Ohio
Paul Richard
Gilles Villeneuve (F1 Canada).