Forza Motorsport Week in Review 7/25/14

A bursting at the seams edition of The Week In Review for you to enjoy today, with a report from Brian at Comic-Con, a recap of our recent Forza Horizon 2 car reveal, news on a Comic-Con related collaboration with MLG, and lots more to boot.

Oh, and there’s a Darth Vader car in there…do I need to say more.


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Awesome! I’m far, far, away from San Diego, but the Comic-Con stuff looks cool, like the Darth Vader car by Hot Wheels.
The track that was being featured in the Forza 5 booth looks new to me. At first glance, I thought that the track was Long Beach, but the scenery obviously doesn’t look like it!
Oh, and what about the Racing Game of the Year edition? It was supposed to come out on Tuesday this week, but I didn’t see it on any website. Is there any news on that?

Can’t wait until Horizon 2 comes out to try the new cars, especially the Willys Jeep. Thank you for the car list, looks amazing. I still have Rallisport Challenge and play it from time to time. GT:AndroidCoconut FM4: Mines R34 or Mines R33 FH: Saleen S5S or Lotus Elan.

I’m really enjoying the List of cars in FH2 and hope to see more from Nissan and Toyota because I drift so much. I will be honest, there aren’t as many cars here as there have been in previous titles but i’m sure if we get decent cars, I won’t mind too much. I’m looking forward to see how well the drift community will do in the next chapter of Forza with the newly added tuning option to the Horizon series. This greatly allows a diversity of drivers to compete on a certain level which is fantastic, I plan on buying FH2 on release and hope to see alot of you there too!!

If you could it would be GREATLY appreciated Helios!

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Again, much appreciated and see you boys on the track!

Looks like a fun car list so far. I’m always hoping for my 2001 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt to show up in the Forza franchise. I’ll settle for the original 1968 fastback too :slight_smile:

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The Horizon 2 car reveal was the big news of the week for me. Several cars on the list I cannot wait to hit the European pavement with. There has been speculation that the shadows for the remaining cars are indicative of their real identities. Can anyone confirm this? I’ve been trying to identify some with their outlines alone but am finding this to be very difficult. Would it be possible to add more Ferrari to the list and maybe the option of a garage style building housing all your cars where you can walk around them Autovista style…

I also have to add that the tribute piece on James Garner was very touching and I learned alot about him and old time racing that I never knew. What an opportunity he had, to have that hands on experience at the wheel of the old cars, and to be included directly into the events such as the Indy 500. This one’s for you Jim…


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I am waiting on details of the differences, if any, between the 360 and the Xbox One versions of Horizon 2 (misspelled in your article BTW) - is that still TBD or is there a T10 article discussing that?

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Thanks for the WIR Helios, it was very good. I was very happy when I read the Forza Horizon 2 car reveal, only fantastic cars, like the p1 or the Jeep. Hoping to get back my Abarth 595 SS 1968 or, better, the 695 SS Assetto Corsa. Nevertheless, I think I will have great fun with this game in October !

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After a (very long) while I came back to and I almost literally stumbled upon that interesting article of yours, Ian.
The picture of Garner and Bondurant attracted immediately my attention, not just for the subject in the foreground, but for what was coming from the background: an Italian truck of the '50s-'60s. As I saw many of those medium trucks in my childhood (did I say I’m Italian? Perhaps in some other post), that picture pushed me to go deeper in what you had no time to tell us.
After having surfed for much more than I intended to between some ot the reference websites for us racing lovers, it came out that the shot was taken outside Monza circuit (this was an easy one, given that Pirelli billboard outside) during the recordings of the epic movie Grand Prix in 1966. They shot even at Monaco, Zandvoort, Brands Hatch, Spa-Francorchamps and Clermont-Ferrand.
Finally, the car depicted is not a McLaren M2B (as the white livery with a green stripe could suggest… believe me, it’s green!) 'cause the Ford V8 was too uncompetitive to shot the racing scenes. Therefore the production chose to use other cars painted to represent the M2B, including the BRM P261 of Bob Bondurant himself.
Another interesting point in the Review is the announcement of more cars for FH2. I’m literally counting the hours to go back to barn finding, that could lead to incredible treasures like this last one, covered by jalopnik.
Thanks indeed.

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