Forza Motorsport IRacing penalty system?

This is more of a question than a feature wish. What if Forza adopted a penalty system similar to IRacing where you can protest and there would be disqualifications on blocking, corner cutting and reckless driving? Would this work? Or would it not fit Forza at all?

Forza has developed their own race regulation system which will be here with next months update I beleive

The question wasn’t about if there is going to be a penalty system in place. The point of this question was if such a system like the one implemented in IRacing would work in Forza Motorsport 7s environment. Personally I think it would find its form in Forza. Especially, since the Forza Racing Championship is around and now Forza Motorsport 7 is widely seen as an Esports title. The system can be implemented in certain multiplayer hoppers, while other hoppers can have the old traditional system.

Well to answer your question then, IMO it wouldn’t work. It would require far too many fundamental changes to the game and then it wouldn’t really be forza anymore. Protesting alone would be a rediculous exercise for forza for the sheer number of players and the amount of greif that would go on.

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IMO at this time Forza only needs strict automated penalty system forced in all public lobbies. This will: sort out ramming trash and invite more mature racing oriented audience. Then, maybe in next game some sort of input from competitors would be worth considering. But it’s not realistic as it probably requires a real person to review these protests and it seems to me that t10 struggles to pay their current developers as it takes a year to develop penalty system. They probably have something else as their main jobs, while FM7 development is some kind of side hustle from time to time lol.

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I do not agree with “forced in all lobbies” - Another entire set of identical lobbies with the penalty system forced would be the best bet. Many kids - and even casual racers etc want to have fun and cut and ram and do whatever it takes to win, quite honestly it is fun as all get-out if you go into it with that mindset. The current lobbies are perfect for that - adding an additional group of forced penalty lobbies would be best. This offers the best of both worlds. While giving the hardcore more experienced crowd who want to do a multiplayer serious race, the ability to race with the knowledge that a clean honest lap will win the race. While at the same time offering up a more relaxed lobby for either taking a break from the serious, jumping in to play dodge the rammers - or skating though a corner to beat an opponent in the more relaxed non penalty hoppers.

As you mentioned, I am surprised at the time it has taken for a penalty system and to expand on that, decent AI…I’ve played games dating back to … 1997 or something that had better AI. I am hoping they are figuring out how to detect how HARD a car was hit in order to help determine how at fault someone else is - although they haven’t really mentioned much about how they plan on penalizing ramming.



Wow. Are you serious? I’d rather see more racecar lobbies (group C, touring, supercars, formula E etc) and separate Nordschleife Meetup hopper instead of ramfest hoppers (obviously too many hoppers = lower average activity). Kids have Forza Horizon and Aeroport hoppers. Forcing penalties in all public lobbies is the only way to go if they want to keep Motorsport franchise alive. You have to be a braindead person to have fun ramming others online.

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It works at iRacing as people pay a monthly charge to race there and they know going in what the penalty system is. With Forza people would not and as Forza’s audience is a more casual player a penalty system like this would drive away a very large part of the player (buyer) base. No buyer, no game. I would venture a guess that the harder core player base that would want such a penalty system is very small compared to the casual base that would leave the game over it.


LOL fair enough - I like to think of our current multiplayer lobbies as beginner lobbies, and i’d hate to pigeon hole the game because it only tailors to one level of player and/or mindset…I think keeping it flexible with options is better, the more the merrier. You know, like…there is a time and place for everything.; You dont’ HAVE to race with penalties online if you don’t want to, or you can. :slight_smile:

Beginner lobbies and Pro lobbies as an example.

Certainly if it proved that nobody used the beginner lobbies - and it was costing development time or something else to keep them up and running - shuttem’ down. I just think there is some appeal to drive in the “beginner” lobbies if one doesn’t want to enter the “pro” lobbies. Up there i lumped Kids, casual racers, rammers and everyone else into the “beginner” lobbies. It is my understanding from reading these posts over the last several months that everyone is a brain-dead person in multiplayer currently lol.

In my humble opinion LEAGUES is where penalties are REQUIRED - there should be no way to do the LEAGUES without these penalties. LEAGUES should be the first place to get them along with a single multiplayer hopper for testing.


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Leagues are trash and an example of wasted dev time. The only mindset I expect people to have in Motorsport game is RESPECTFUL RACING. So far this game has nothing in common with sport. For unexpierenced players there’s bunch of assists. Penalties should be mandatory to keep it fair and TEACH beginners. If You don’t have fun racing clean you picked the wrong type of game. There’s NFS, ONRUSH, BURNOUT and other games where you can crash each other. having your fun. Beginners/pro lobbies would make no difference. Ranked multiplayer with forced penalties is the only way to go. T10 lucky to have people like you buying their games, otherwise Forza Motorsport probably would have died 10 years ago.


I do enjoy the leagues - but I do NOT like there aren’t penalties applied. Since that League racing is a great way to increase your rank and race with others in the same skill-set - I find that intriguing and fun. HOWEVER I do not like the fact there are not penalties in the leagues, because as we already know that combines rammers/wreckers/cheaters/cornercutters in with all of those who are trying to race clean. That makes no sense to me. I guess if that is their intention with Leagues that is fine and I just don’t fit that mindset. I view that as a legit race series where you gain points and lose points etc. I would REALLY enjoy LEAGUES with penalties though. The Leagues concept is something I have never experienced in a racing game and I feel is a really cool idea outside of the normal multiplayer race motorsports championship etc.

LatotheX up there really summed up why I think like I do about the Current Multiplayer hoppers and penalties. Casual players + Hardcore = revenue = more fun/development etc. Keeping as many happy as possible should/would be my ultimate goal in creating a lucrative long lasting game. I feel the best way to do that is be inclusive of as many players as possible. With the proper paths each person can race where they want to, how they want to, with people that have the same or similar like minded goals. Just my opinion of course - I’m by no means speaking for everyone or even trying to say I’m right. I can totally respect you wanting ALL of the public hoppers to have penalties. That wouldn’t effect me at all haha.

I agree there are many more items that can/should be done moving forward surrounding features and multiplayer and geared more towards motorsport as well - Small series championships and division races etc - public hosting etc. I simply don’t think adding penalties to all of the current lobbies benefits the game as a whole - and ADDING additional lobbies with penalties would be what i’d like to see happen which in my mind adds to the game features.


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At the end of the day if we had user created lobbys the host could control everything, there would be no need for a penalty system as the host could just kick anyone out.

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Penalty System would still be good even in an public hosted lobby - Accidents and stuff (since you don’t get damaged and explode or lose tires or really even stop when hitting a wall or sand pit or stall or blow tiires…basically since the damage meter can’t be turned up to 300 percent) - Penalty system would still add some “realisticness” to the race :slight_smile: - TOTALLY agree there should be a public hosted lobby option - i’m afraid i’d set my rules up so strict there would only be like 2 or 3 people in it though…assuming i could force cockpit view and wheel rotation and wheel lol. Would be nice to be able to “exclude” some cars in lobby also lol. so maybe 1 person would be in my lobby at the end of the day :slight_smile:

In Forza I believe everyone would be black flagged at turn one!

A penalty system is much needed but what are we basing it on? We seem to be putting the cart before the horse or putting a plaster on a gunshot wound. We should ask why do we have these problems in the 1st place. I mean a penalty system must be based on a set of rules and regulations. Why have a penalty when there are no rules? Or what are we basing the ruleset on? Is probably more fundamental a question. Motorsport?

I agree that there needs to a good penalty system for leagues and a set of hardcore hoppers, but we have to have free-for-all hoppers for kids and beginners and late night drunken gaming where you don’t want you and your mates crashing your league rank as you take turns driving.

There’s no need to arbitrarily gate a large audience off, if the segregation is there.

Provide good tutorials and qualifying rounds for ranked racing. Encourage people to move up and improve, don’t turn them away.

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