Forza Motorsport 8/Forza Remastered+ fixing the issues with the series

I would appreciate it if you guys read the article. Tell me what you want out of Forza 8? Would you be interested in a Remastered Forza Motorsport Definitive Edition? Backwards compatibility?
What about Forza Horizon 4?

Very interesting article.

Just thinking about FM8, one of the main problems with FM right now (and to a lesser degree track racing games in general) is that fundamentally they’re all exactly the same game. This was painfully obvious especially with FM5, FM6, and FM7, with each game gaining/losing a few cars and tracks, tweaking the single player events list and car prices/race payouts a bit, and changing random other things for the sake of changing (which often was a step backwards instead of an improvement). There’s only so many times I can play through the same set of tracks with roughly the same set of cars before it starts to get stale.

Maybe instead of churning out new FM games every two years they should invest in a single long-term FM game following a subscription model similar to FM Apex that receives constant improvements so it’s always up to date and regularly receiving new content. There could still be some singleplayer career modes, but from what I’ve seen most players who really get into track racers seem to gravitate towards multiplayer/rivals/free play anyways and this would allow them to enjoy the game long-term without having to grind back up from the bottom every 2 years or so.

I don’t really have much interest in seeing remasters of older FM games, for the most part all it would be is racing a slightly different set of cars on a slightly different set of tracks with slightly different driving physics. I would much prefer to see the good parts of the older games added to a new “definitive” FM game as described above.

On the Horizon front the world map is a huge part of the game (almost more important than the cars) and it makes much more sense as a periodic franchise with standalone games. I would love to see FH1 remastered for XBOne, and when the next Xbox arrives I would love to see the existing FH games remastered for that as well.

I found the article a bit harsh overall, but i agree with points (and gamer1000k) that game hasn’t progressed enough since FM4, I still play Motorsports regularly, but usually after Career i stick to League Racing (Pinnacle) as i find open lobbies very frustrating.

Generally, i think Motorsports as a series has missed to opportunity to become a more serious sim racer game, as a point of differentiation from the Horizon Series. Eg. Horizon = Goofy Fun, Arcade Racer, Easy. Motorsport = Serious, Sim Racer, Difficult. But its not to late to fix with Motorsport 8, and i would agree that if it means extending the 2 year release schedule, i’m all for it.

Here’s 10 dot points on things i would like to see in Motorsport 8;

  1. Expand League Racing; - Driver Level System that rewards clean racing and finishing position, Group like minded players according to Level, Ghost lapped cars, Add endurance races to Leagues.
  2. Strategy for Endurance Racing; Pit stops, Tire Compound, Qualifying, Penalties.
  3. Realistic Upgrades; No 6.2ltr twin turbo AWD beetles or Willies Jeep, a 2ltr N/A with 300hp has very narrow power-band, a 1960’s Datsun has chassis rigidity of a wet noodle, a 1100hp 3ltr will have awful lag. Extremes should compromise durability and drive-ability.
  4. Real time dyno tuning and wind tunnel from tuning/test drive menu;
  5. R&D; Access to one-off Special Parts (Forza Edition?) that don’t increase PI (eg. Exhaust manifold with +2hp & -1kg weight) for achievements (eg. complete 200 laps with S2000) for players to be more competitive with their favorite cars. Current Forza Edition cars with silly wings etc are very disappointing, let us build our own special cars.
  6. Decline in performance over time, eg. Big Turbos heat soak , Soft tyre’s degrade, Fuel consumption, Risk of engine failure, etc (read point 5).
  7. Weight reduction; when selecting weight reduction it should have corresponding visual upgrade. remove back seats, install race buckets, steering wheel, etc.
  8. NEW Aero & Bodywork; Rear wings, splitters, canards, diffusers, rear view mirrors, vented arches/ flares, EXHAUSTS. (drag vs downforce see point 4).
  9. Monitor and Delete unpopular cars; Alot of cars are just a waste of space, SUV’s, Wagons, Vans, Eg. Ford transit or Willies Jeep… (put it in Horizon not Motorsport). Add; Race cars, Eg. Mines R34 GTR (FM4), Ferrari F2004 V10, HKS Time attack Evo 8 (FM4), DTM and Super GT race cars … FM4 car pack ??
  10. NEW TRACKS PLEASE !!. Tsukuba (Japan), Imola (Italy), Classic Spa (Belgium) Monaco GP (Monaco), … FM4 Track expansion ??

As long term and loyal Forza player I’d much prefer to wait another year or so for Motorsport to return as a legitimate sim-racer. Leave the driver costumes, SUV’s and general Arcade stuff to the Horizon Games. Anyway, That’s my 2 cents… Hope Turn 10 is listening.